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Ten Strategies For Weight Management

In America, the weight loss industry is huge. The marketing that goes into that industry is very cunning. If we think of ways to maintain your weight, it comes down to two things: eating the right foods and exercising right. With so many weight loss programs, it seems as if you can sit on the couch all day and eat whatever you want and still fit. That's not the case. Losing weight, just like everything else in life, requires commitment, consistency, and hard work to achieve the type of body you are pursuing. In this article I hope to suggest ten strategies to help you manage your weight.

Number One: Eat More Salad
When you eat more salads you will be healthier. When you give your body what it wants, then it will reward you with the weight you want. Salads take longer to digest and they replace more fatty foods.

Number Two: Eat More Grain Foods
Often we don't think about the kind of food we eat. Most of the time, our bodies need better nutrition than we provide now. You can save a hundred calories by choosing cereal foods.

Number Three: Eat Many Filets
If you're a man, out of this tough. You need to eat the right kind of meat. Choose a slice of beef.

Number Four: Don't Take Breakfast Shortcuts.
Many people think that by skipping breakfast they will lose weight. The opposite is true. When you skip breakfast, not only do you gain weight, but your metabolism gets worse. Also, when you eat a good breakfast, it prevents you from serving unhealthy foods.

Number Five: Break The Rules
How often do you eat outside? Whatever the number (hopefully it's just a few), you'll need to break the rules when you do so. No one says that you should get the healthiest food when you eat. Make sure you choose low calorie foods and foods.

Number Six: Drink Water
Instead of confusing coffee or soda, water is best. It has zero calories and hydrates your body.

Number Seven: Surroundings From Certain Foods
Now it seems obvious, but it helps to know which foods are not automatically available. These include fried foods, stir-fried, and have heavy cream sauce. Replace this food with fried, boiled, and steamed.

Number Eight: Replace Fried Chips with Baked Chips
Very relevant to strategy number seven, stay away from fried ingredients. For each of your baked chips instead of fries, you will give up five tablespoons of pork fat.

Number nine: No Mayo On Tuna
Tuna is good for you, but sometimes tuna salad is not. Many tuna salads are made with high calories and high fat mayo. Avoid them.

Number Ten: Buy Milk Better!
Be smart in the dairy products you choose. Low or low fat cheeses can save thirty to fifty calories per ounce and replace three daily servings of low-fat dairy foods for full-fat types that reduce approximately one hundred and fifty calories.


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