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Supplements to Get Ripped - What Should You Take to Get Shredded?

If you are thinking about taking some supplements to get ripped, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. First, what do you mean by "ripped?" Do you mean what most bodybuilders mean when they say that word - getting stronger? Or, do you just mean big and strong? Your answers will determine what supplements you need to supplement.

If you really want to lean on it, then your extra focus should be on some important things. First, you want some essential fatty acids. That's right, fat burns fat! You cannot prevent fat from your body unless you provide it with good and healthy fat. The best option for this type of supplement is omega-3 fish oil. This is not only for your parents and grandparents, but it can also help lifters to grow thin.

Next, you may want to try some types of thermogenic. Basically, these supplements boost your metabolism and give you energy, but be careful! They usually contain caffeine and other stimulants, and they can make you anxious and jump if you are not careful. Wherever you buy, make sure you evaluate your tolerance by starting a very low dose and exercising.

Now, if you really want to get big and strong, your extra focus will be completely different. You can still take fish oil if you want, because it's healthy for you, but that's not the main thing you need. You need supplements that will help increase your calorie and protein intake to get BIG!

The best "food" supplement is protein powder. Protein is probably the most important nutrient for weight lifting, and it is almost impossible to get everything you need with a regular diet. Cooking, cleaning, and eating food takes a lot of time, and you may need to make protein powder into your daily diet if you really want to succeed. Make sure you choose good food, mix well, and cost no more than 10 dollars per pound.

If you are really thin and have trouble gaining weight, you may want to consider some types of weight loss powder. Tons of companies make it, so look for what feels good and you can be consistent. For healthier and tastier alternatives, you may want to look towards making your own weight. Try combining some protein powder, eggs, bananas, and ice cream in a blender for a thick, delicious shake that lets you easily get over a thousand extra calories!

Now that we've talked about supplements to get ripped, you need to understand that no matter what supplements you take, your diet is key. You can't lean without eating properly, and you can't get big without some serious time on the table. Many newbies have become victims of extra traps - they focus too much on supplements, not enough on their diets, and before they know it they spend years in the weight room making no progress. Don't let that be you!


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