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Study Tips for a CBSE Learner

Exam time is always the time to study hard to score better. It's the time of year, when all students are looking for tips and suggestions for improving their memory and understanding of a subject. Most students study at the last minute to prepare for their exams. CBSE exams bring a new, heavier pattern and newer scoring method.

Given below are a few minutes of study / final review for students.

1. Make people in your home aware of your exams, dates, subjects. This will help reduce distraction and give you time to study safely.
2. Set up a timetable to cover all of your subjects and topics.
3. Complete the sample paper available to get an idea of ​​weight, score allocation, paper pattern.
4. Complete the previous year's question paper to get a clearer understanding of the types of questions and methods you can answer.
5. Take a break while studying. You won't be able to concentrate if you stop studying. Taking a break will allow your mind to rest.
6. Learn at a time that is convenient for you. Start in the morning, when your mind is fresh or late at night when your mind is at ease. There is no need for outside interference.
7. When you finish your study / review of a particular chapter, ask yourself about the dates and events in this chapter. This will help determine your level of understanding of this chapter.
8. Come up with a mnemonic. This is an easier way to memorize specific terms or events. You can use it to memorize answers.
9. Have a small group study session where you and your partner can review the chapter / subject. This will help you learn better. A question and answer session, in which each question can be asked and answered. Repeated answers will help you memorize.
10. Make important notes / highlights of points, dates and events. This will create a trace in your brain.
11. Eat well. Most students face pre-exam anxiety and thus do not eat or eat too much. Eating the wrong way won't help you focus better. A balanced diet is advisable for a healthy body and mind.
12. Sleep well. Losing sleep over your studies will only make you tired and tired. Powerful sleep aids for better learning.

Following the structure and some simple tips will help you achieve better grades in the exam.


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