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Should You Worry About Natural Dog Food in Your Dog's Diet?

Since your dog is a friend, friend, partner and in some cases, he or she is your best friend, then "YES" you should consider natural food recipes in your dog's diet. Your dog loves you and gives you unconditional love and is your constant companion. Most breeds just like to please you. You often find that after a long day at work, your dog just wants to make you happy. Dogs are greatly appreciated as a friend to many people, including parents and children. It has been said that they can even improve your mental health and create a calm and peaceful environment. Dogs are very unusual and very smart and can be trained to see the works of the police, police work, rescue work, entertainment and movies and more. They can be taught to do tricks, dance, sit, play dead, pick up papers, open doors, warm your feet and more.

You just have to love your dog, big eyes that show love, tails that win when they see you, great greetings when you come home from a difficult day, friendship and company when you are alone or sad. They only lift the spirits of millions of people around the world. And to think that most people don't know what's good for their dog, especially when it comes to their diet. We are so influenced by advertising that we tend to think we are doing the right thing by our dogs, but we fall short. In fact, in many cases, we actually kill our best friend and be so ignorant of that fact.

Why Read the Materials?

How many dog ​​owners actually buy what is special and how many times do you actually read those ingredients? We listened to our veterinarian's advice on dog food, and that advice was often influenced by the commission he was able to promote a particular dog food brand, not because it was as good. He also gave you some free samples. Why do you think so? That's because the pet food company gave her some to promote the product! No more. A veterinarian is a caring person, yes, but he also comes out to make money from your pet. I'm very disappointed with the veterinarian in general. How many times do you go to your veterinarian for very little things and come home with a lot of substances that burden the heap and it doesn't matter what you go for but the vet says you need this and that and you want to do the right thing for your dog so you bought everything. Yes, it happens to me time and time again. And then they make you feel like you don't care about your dog if you don't buy what they recommend. It is refreshing to find a caring veterinarian who does not refuse all of his expensive products. Right?

Maybe you're the one who gives your dog's leftovers or leftovers from your own dinner, I know I'm sorry. Most people are unaware that many human foods are actually poisonous or toxic to our dogs and can kill them. Some leftovers are fine, but research and these articles can give you some inside information that very few dog owners actually know.

Often when there is a crisis, such as your dog's stomach bloating, or they start to itch, or their coat is not shiny or any other reason we start to look for problems. And the problem is usually that food is the trash they eat.

It's actually just like us, and dogs are mammals, so it's the same. When we eat the wrong kind of food and do little or no exercise then we put on weight and slow down, we are tired, tired and lazy. Our skin and hair do not look healthy and our body aches. We didn't have the energy and everything we did seemed like a lot of effort. We get heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and other health problems and wonder why. Look at what most people eat regularly and you'll see why. So is our dog. If we want our dogs to live a healthy, full of energy, energy and fun, then we need to look at their diet as well as we should.

If We Do What We Eat - Does Our Dog Eat What They Eat?

You have heard them say that we are what we eat, and dogs are what they eat as well. The dog only eats what is put in front of him, he is unable to get it by himself (unless he is in the wild) so he depends on us to do what is right for him. He will gain the same weight as we do by eating a wrong diet and not exercising. In fact, when you lose weight you don't feel like exercising and it's a vicious cycle. You can also see a lot of dogs overweight.

If it's important to see what we eat, then it's just as important for our dog as well. The food we eat affects our skin and hair, and your dog's diet also affects his skin and hair. We need to spend some time reviewing the ingredients in our dog food as we do so that we can ensure that we give them a wholesome diet that will ensure a long healthy life without medical issues such as dental problems, bad breath, infections , energy levels and more and the list goes on and on.

The ugly truth is that an unbalanced and unhealthy diet for your dog means a shorter, painful and unhealthy life. It's your choice. And I think most people are guilty of neglecting their own diet or the diet of their family including children, no wonder they neglect their pets as well. So many times ignorance and not knowing that these things are important. But that's not your reason anymore ...

Free giving is a term that means your dog only grazes all the time when they are hungry, without a schedule. This is often dangerous and some dogs just don't know when to stop eating and quickly become fat.

Finish everything

Most dogs are considered part of the family so giving your dog a healthy diet can ensure that you have a healthy animal for a long time with little or no health challenges. This means that lice are usually not a problem and therefore it is more convenient to have your dog in and around the children if you so choose. Kids can get a pet disease so keeping your dog healthy is a major concern if you have children, babies or parents in your home too.


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