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Should You Have an Orgasm After Or During Sex If You're Trying to Conceive a Boy Or a Girl Baby?

I often write about affecting the sex of the baby you are trying to conceive. One of my most frequently asked questions is the following variations: "will having an orgasm during conception increase the chances of a boy or girl?"; or "will it help orgasm or hurt my ability to get pregnant?" I will answer these questions in the following article.

The Fluids From An Orgasm Do Not Hurt, Kill, or Speak Sperm: Sometimes people will write to me and tell me that they are afraid that orgasm will somehow affect, compromise, or destroy the male sperm. It really isn't. Fortunately, the healthy sperm of a healthy man is stronger than that. What it does is change or affect the acidity of your vagina. And, depending on the sex of the baby you want to get pregnant, this can be a good or bad thing.

Why Having An Orgasm Can Reduce Your Possibility To Hide A Girl (And Increase Your Possibility Of Having A Child): If you want a girl, you need your vagina / reproductive tract to be very acidic and have the highest PH you can manage. The reason is because the Y sperm that gives you a baby boy is very vulnerable in this type of environment. They can't last this long.

However, having an orgasm produces a fluid that can lower your PH. So, if you want a girl, you'll want to avoid this. (I know, this is not fun.) But you just have to avoid this or endure the days when you're trying to get pregnant. Fluid effects are neither permanent nor durable. It's hard to ignore this at other times throughout the month.

Female Ejaculation During the Concept of a Boy's Favor, But Often It's Not Enough To Ensure Your Success: As I said above, the female's ejaculate fluid drains the vagina. This is what you want when you try to make a baby boy, so you don't have to hold back. However, this alone is often not enough to get your lowest PH. Admittedly, this is a simple thing you can do to lower it. It does not require anything or require special equipment. However, if you start with an acidic body, it will often not put enough dents on your bottom.

How do I know what I like?: How do you know where you stand? You can test your acidity or alkaline by using the PH test strip. These are not very expensive and they are very easy to find. This will tell you whether your trend towards PH is high or low. Whether you want to go low or high depends on the gender you want (again - high for a girl and low for men).

If you don't get the readings you expect, it's really OK. You can change this by douching and / or by changing the food you eat in no time. Everything you eat is either acidic or alkaline. Consuming different foods will also affect your body's PH.

When you change your diet or diet, you can test again and see how these changes have affected you. It also lets you see the things that give you the best and easiest results in terms of PH. You also need to see when your conception depends on when you are in the mood and also use the correct sexual position, to name a few more.


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