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Should You Ever Comment on a Pregnant Woman's Body?

Pregnancy marks the magical phase of a woman's life! It intensifies and transforms a woman emotionally and physically. All through the first trimester to the third trimester, a pregnant woman experiences hormonal changes and fluctuations that impact her thinking, thinking, diet, taste and natural response to everyday events. This shows he needs to be attended to with care, warmth and sensitivity. Also, any unwanted comments on her body should be avoided as they have adverse effects on her mind, which can sometimes lead to depression, which is ultimately unhealthy for the baby.

A clear change in body size during pregnancy is expected! In the new era of free expression today, sometimes people go a little further into the sea in expressing their anxiety or pleasure in an inappropriate way. There are times when a pregnant woman has people who admire her size, question her weight, her health status from minute to minute and other embarrassing questions that can rob her of inner peace.

It is important to understand that pregnant women need to be addressed in a loving and sensitive manner. Therefore, asking the following questions is a sensible intrusion.

· How do you feel?

· Do I have any help?

· Would you like to talk about what you find valuable?

Another way that you can add comfort and relaxation is to tell her she has a great light on her face. Add in compliments like "You look so pretty and happy" and this will activate her happier hormones that have a calming effect on her and thus support the developing fetus.

But more often than not, people who are excited or anxious to share their knowledge eventually make pregnant women feel depressed and anxious! So, this is what he couldn't tell and didn't do for 9 months.

· Stop telling her she looks really big, thin or bloated: Pregnancy and size definitely increase. But with someone who constantly looks at a pregnant woman's stomach and tells her that her size or shrinking even in an emergency will make her feel uncomfortable to her body. This can also be considered a subtle act of the body. Also, no two women have a single pregnancy size. So, commenting on her size will trigger her stress, wondering if her pregnancy is right for her.

· Do not ask if her pregnancy is natural: Naturally pregnant or through IVF treatment, a woman has full freedom in choosing her pregnancy. Asking him this question shows a clear discrimination against the unborn baby, which he would not accept well. It may also appeal to concerns and concerns that he or she may be reading any assisted reproduction techniques. The shape of life in her womb is natural, all the way.

· Stop touching his stomach: There are several instances where a pregnant woman's stomach is rubbed to indicate that this is a good sign and a signal for the birth of twins. In addition to the fact that it is inadequate and hurtful, such attitudes are extremely abusive and violate personal boundaries that are important to maintain.

A pregnant woman should not be considered a good omen. Not as someone who needs to be burdened with a pregnancy case study. As a human being chosen by the creator to give birth to another life, he has to deal with and discuss with compassion and maturity.


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