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Right Diet During Pregnancy

It is very important to eat the right foods at the right time. One should also eat nutritious food at this time. Everything you eat should have good nutritional value. One should eat for two but not twice. The body takes the nutrients it needs, no matter if you have enough.

The food you need should be rich in iron, calcium and protein. The body needs iron for the formation of baby's blood. She then takes calcium from the mother's body to form the baby's bones and teeth. Iron is found in green leafy vegetables. You can store useful mint and dhania chutneys, just make small quantities and store them in bottles in the fridge. Two tablespoons of chutney meet most of your daily iron needs. Iron is found in kishmish or raisins. It is found in gur or jiggery, brown sugar flour, soyabean, kaban channa, channa, whole Bengal gram, horse gram, rajma, green gram and moong which grows rich in iron and calcium.

If you do not filter starch or flour before making chapattis, you will get iron from it. Calcium is found in milk and milk products. You should drink three glasses of milk a day. You can have milk in any shape you like - curries made from curd, cheese, paneer, custard, lassi etc. Eggs and lemons are good sources of calcium. Lack of calcium will make you weak. It can also cause severe back pain. It's a good idea to take a cup of hot milk before bed.

Protein is a building material. You need protein to build your baby's body and it is also necessary for your body to maintain it. If you eat pulse, dals and eggs a day you get enough protein. If you are a pure vegetarian and do not eat eggs, you can have dals which is a great source of protein. For non-vegetarians who eat meat at least three times a week, protein intake is sufficient. Beans like peanut or phalli moan, almonds or almonds, cashewnuts or cheese are also good sources of protein. Channa, channa dal or grilled channa are also excellent sources of protein. You can keep mixed with jiggery to eat when hungry. Channa will provide you with protein and jaggery will provide you with iron. During this time, you must take good care of yourself.


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