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Remove Unwanted Chest Fat With Vaser Lipo Treatment For Gynecomastia To Get A Flatter Smoother Chest

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue in men or men. It is most commonly caused by age-related hormone changes; with men in puberty, as their hormone levels jump to new levels, or with older men in their sixties, when testosterone levels can naturally decrease breast development. Fat breasts can occur through the use of drugs, usually steroids, and weight can also play a role. Fat can be due to excess fat, causing the breast to rot and this can happen to only one breast or both.

Fat breasts can make men feel good about their breasts; shy about how they look to others, and uncertain about what clothes they can wear to hide their chest. Gynecomastia, also commonly referred to as male breasts is primarily genetic, meaning that men have very little say in whether they develop enlarged male breasts. Vaser lipo is an ideal treatment that can help many of these men.


  • Advantages of fat in male breasts

  • Excessive development of glandular tissue

  • Both the benefits of fat and glandular glands

  • Fat may be on one breast, or both

  • The possibility of excessive skin and nipple pointing downward and enlarged isola

The lipo vaser for the treatment of gynecomastia, also known as men's breast reduction, can help level the chest area, leaving men in a more masculine form. It can also produce more skin tightening than other forms of liposuction or body reshaping.

Sometimes, even after losing weight from diet and exercise, there are still areas of the body that do not improve, but with lipo vaser you will get consistent results as long as you follow a healthy diet and exercise program after treatment. Those who undergo lipo surgery for breast reduction gynecomastia are happy with the flat and engraved chest and feel more comfortable in their clothing.

Vaser lipo is a gentle procedure that extracts unwanted fat, but avoids the nerves, blood vessels and surrounding tissues, leaving any bumps and swelling. Vaser treatment is performed under local anesthetics, preventing any complications related to general anesthetics, and the results are immediately enhanced within the next six months. The treatment is ideal in large or small areas and you can have several areas treated during one procedure.

After a lipo vaser most patients can return to work one week after their treatment if they have inactive work, and those who have more physical work, that time is extended to two weeks. You can continue exercising such as walking and jogging two weeks after treatment, and four to six weeks for doing chest and back exercises such as lifting weights.


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