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Remedy For Hemorrhoids - What Works Best, Modern and Traditional Treatments

Hemorrhoids are one of the most amusing and painful diseases. Of course, it's not funny when you're the one who's suffering - though other people often get a good laugh at your expense. Hemorrhoids occur when veins in your anus swell as a result of blood clots in the hemorrhoid anal complex. In general terms, the veins in the backbone swell badly and become sensitive to pressure. In bad cases, these veins are actually swollen enough to attach to your backbone, making the seating process painful. Heck, it makes walking painful if the butt cheeks rub against the veins. Therefore, in order to avoid the pain and avoid giving your wife, children, co-workers, and friends a reason to deal with you mercilessly, you should find solutions to these medications for hemorrhoids. Your life will not depend on it, but your dignity may ...

One ounce of Prevention ...

If you are fortunate enough to have very little hemorrhoids, you should know some of the most common causes so you can take steps to prevent them from getting worse. Constipation is a major culprit, so if you are having a hard time in the toilet bowl you should really consider setting your diet low and drinking more fluids. Diarrhea is another factor that causes hemorrhoids. So whether it's too much or too little output from your anus, fix it! Another common cause is physical activity - prolonged sitting and especially squatting, or lifting weights (which usually make you strengthen your buttocks in sympathy with other muscles in your body) are both causes of hemorrhoids. If any of these rings ring in your head, you know what to do.

Modern Repair

Modern treatments for hemorrhoids include medication ointment to soothe inflammation or use hot or cold compression to reduce swelling. This is a home improvement that anyone can do. However, in severe cases and often the last resort for hemorrhoids is to undergo surgical intervention to either bind or remove them completely. Not exactly a very fun thing to consider, but some people consider it a relief from pain. Conventional medicine treatment is overlooked, there is also a "back shot", which is a soluble medical pill designed to block the buttocks to cure hemorrhoids. Once this is a valid medical procedure, make sure that everyone else is around when you do this or you will never live under it.

Traditional Repair

An unusual but effective remedy for hemorrhoids includes putting one teaspoon of water in a glass and applying it to the swelling. Another uses 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with water to drink at each meal to stop hemorrhoids. Eating cranberries or drinking cranberry juice is also great for preventing hemorrhoids. Iodine is also great for getting hemorrhoids right away. Coating affected areas with iodine causes swelling. However, it stings ... Finally, general lubricants such as vaseline are good for getting relief from the hemorrhoids. It does not prevent them openly, but at least it makes the pain more bearable when you wait for a naturally swollen swelling or to find another cure.


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