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Non-Invasive Laser Fat Reduction - How Effective And Safe It Is?

Let's face it: American society obsessed with thin and pretty puts people under pressure to be perfect, at least by their looks and forcing them to look for flawless skin and perfectly shaped bodies. This pressure has led many people - men and women alike - to opt for cosmetic surgery and achieve the intangible and perfect image they desire.

While traditional cosmetic surgery offers favorable long-term outcomes, the pain and recovery time associated with liposuction surgery is a turn-off for many. Do not worry! Modern technology, such as laser fat reduction, has made it possible for people to change their look without going down the knife.

How does Liposuction Surgery work?

Surgical fat removal is used to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery methods before the advent of the most invasive liposuction technique to eliminate fat cell deposits from the stomach, thighs, hips, and others. In liposuction surgery, incisions are made into the treated area and the device is used to expel fat tissue that is then inhaled by the large Cannula.

Although effective, traditional liposuction usually results in severe bruises and pain with patients requiring significant recovery time. In addition, patients should be included in general anesthesia along with the need for trained cosmetic surgeons to perform the procedure to increase the overall cost of treatment. On the other hand, using lasers for fat removal is cost effective, safe and has minimal side effects.

Laser Liposuction - A Safer Alternative

Advances in technology have led to the availability of options that can achieve fat loss without invasive surgery and subsequent threats. A wide range of laser liposuction is available in the market today that uses the same basic technology to eliminate stubborn fat cell deposits.

This device uses high-power laser light to penetrate the fat cells under the skin. Once the cells are penetrated and broken down, they are released through the body's lymphatic system and can be released naturally, just as the body releases other toxins. The duration of each laser treatment session can be around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the specific needs of the treated area. Because no surgical procedure is involved, patients can travel and resume their normal routine after each session.

Ensuring Best Results of Laser Fat Reduction

To take advantage of invasive treatments involving lasers, patients need to make sure they have the right plan for their diet and exercise regularly. It may not be possible to achieve the desired result after treatment if the patent fails to follow this protocol in the long run. Using lasers for fat removal is a great solution to get rid of thick bags of fatty cell deposits that have proven difficult to get rid of through diet or exercise.


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