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Nitric Oxide and NO2 Shootout - Nitrix Vs Anadraulic Pump

In a world of congested nitric oxide products (better known as NO or NO2 products), you have two very different forms of these supplements, pills or powders. Both have advantages and liabilities but both are effective. NO products such as Nitrix, NO2 and Anadraulic Pump are based on the amino acids L-Arginine, which can be converted into nitric oxide. Arginine-alpha-ketogluterate is the preferred form of most NO products on the market, but new forms like Arginine Nitrate and Arginine Malate are also commonly used.

No products like Nitrix and NO2 are an important category for any body builder who wants to get vascular and improve their muscle pump. These pump effects may not only be aesthetically pleasing, but can actually be beneficial for increasing muscle size. The muscles have a "fascia" surrounding it. You may recognize it as a thin, clear skin that holds the chicken breast for example. This fascia holds and limits the amount of muscle that is easily grown. The "pump" effect not only feels cold, but it can help the body stretch the fascia and thus increase the amount of muscle it carries.

L-Arginine has several key benefits for bodybuilders, it can stimulate mTOR, which is a pathway involved in anabolism and can also increase fat loss. There are some side effects associated with NO supplementation, but some nausea and rapid diabetes symptoms have been reported but may be due to some products with high caffeine content.

Arginine Alpha-ketogluterate has many studies showing that it works to improve performance and others show that it does not have a positive effect on muscles, but it can improve athletic performance. The main problem with Arginine in general is that it is largely excreted by the liver before it can enter the bloodstream and convert it to nitric oxide. This can come from blocking an enzyme called Arginase. Arginase is expressed in the body, making supplements without Arginase inhibitors less effective.

Nitrix contains a lot of ingredients but first I would like to say that it is not really a pure N.O. product. It contains a large dose of creatine that is not well-mixed with NO precursors such as Arginine AKG. Also, let's look at each ingredient.

It contains 3g of every 3 tablets of L-Arginine AKG, L-Arginine Ethyl Ester and L-Citrulline. As discussed above Arginine AKG is the preferred form of Arginine and in my opinion Arginine Ethyl Ester is a complete waste. The theory behind the "ethyl ester" submission is that amino acids would be more bioavailable, but that's a myth in my opinion. Ethyl ester technology has never been proven to be more bioavailable than standard amino acids and can be productive in some respects. It decomposes into ethanol in the body, "drinking alcohol". Sure it's a small amount, but who needs alcohol to be in their body when they work. The addition of Citrulline is good, as it can act as a precursor to NO as well, but the form of Citrulline Malate is preferable, which Nitrix does not contain.

Nitrix has an AVT mixture containing Creatine Ethyl Ester, which is the only creatine bound to the same alcohol forming ethyl ester technology. This is where I hate Nitrix the most, why put creatine in the product? If a customer wants creatine, they will only buy creatine supplements. In addition, ethyl ester form is the worst form in the market in my opinion. It contains Alanine Beta, which is great for absorbing lactic acid and improving performance, so it's good in combination with Creatinol-O-phosphate which can also cause lactic acid. The addition of creatine to this mix is ​​in my view taking away from the overall value to users who want to increase NO levels.

Lastly, it contains "phospoplexx" which is the only inactive ingredient disposed of as a supplement, minus NAD, which is a really cool thing. In-calcium phosphate and in-potassium phosphate bind only to the agents holding the tablet together. I'm not sure why Nitrix claims that this is active, as it is considered inactive material.

Anadraulic pump is quite different, it is a powder that is a free amino acid mixture. It tastes like a very light and mild citrus. it has more than just Arginine AKG in it, but it also contains a healthy dose of Arginine and its variants. Taurine is the first ingredient and has been shown to improve performance and support lactic acid in the muscles. L-alanine is the second most commonly used amino acid at work, behind Glutamine. So, he should act in the same way as Glutamine for muscle recovery. Aspartic Acid has also been shown to improve exercise and improve endurance, which should help with exercise.

These amino acids form a "performance base" that helps people train harder and more effectively, but does not actually increase NO production. It is delivered to Arginine and Arginine molecules as well as Arginase inhibitors. Anadraulic pumps use a combination of Arginine HCl, which is the only stable arginine molecule. This can be beneficial, as it is well studied and has been shown to increase NO levels. It also contains Arginine AKG, which is the preferred ingredient for increasing NO and increasing mTOR stimulation and fat loss. Finally it contains Arginine Nitrate, which should be converted to NO, as nitrate is the major precursor of NO and adds to other critical pathways. Nitrate has been shown recently to improve exercise performance and increase NO levels, so its inclusion is interesting in this supplement.

Quercetin is a plant flavone that has been shown to increase NO levels itself and reduce arginase levels in the liver. This should increase the conversion of Arginine to NO and make the product better at increasing NO levels. Things like NorValine will also have this effect and they are used for this purpose in many other supplements. These factors are key in making the product give you the ill effects of NO from Arginine.

Finally in the Anadraulic Pump, a little different is the inclusion of Geranium Extract. This really separates the two products and is an important difference. Do you want Nitrix to not raise Nitrix or a little boost before the gym. Geranium extract is not a strong stimulant like caffeine, just something that will give you a little boost. However, if you don't want to, then Anadraulic Pumps aren't for you. If you enjoy the effect of boosting your mood along with your preworkout product, this is a great solid option.

Both Nitrix and Anadraulic Pump reviews are profitable, making it a solid choice to improve pumps and performance in the gym. The choice comes down to whether you want to take 3 large pills or take NO factors and if small stimuli are good for you. Whether you want creatine in your NO product or you prefer to take your creatine separately as suggested. Either way, you can't make bad choices.


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