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Neck Solutions - What To Do With That Loose Neck Skin

You saw that person staring at you from the mirror. Where does the 20-year-old's skin fit the way you feel? As we age, we see changes from the skin that is rich in moisture to moisture, the wrinkled surface we see in that morning mirror. One of the more prominent areas for the first time showing aging is the skin of the neck. The soft bone structure, the muscles and the nerves beneath it may depend on the test of time but the skin cannot. Before you find yourself at risk for ending up on the Thanksgiving menu, know that there are options for fighting wrinkle wars.

Causes of neck surgery are varied and personal and range from loss of definition, genetic tendency to sagging, loose skin, the aging process or condition known as retrognathia where the crunchy jaw causes jelly, not neck. Many people who seek out these surgeries just get bored of the way they look and decide to fix it. There are several categories of solutions that can be classified from least invasive to most. What will happen to you depends on how damaged your skin is, how dramatic you want the results and how much money you want to spend. The categories discussed here include neck exercises, creams, skins, laser surgery and neck lift, or combination procedure surgery.

One of the most expensive and non-passionate methods is training. The effectiveness of neck training does not have any valid scientific data but because all muscles can be atrophy, any help with toning will show some benefits over time. There are exercises that only require you to work your neck and jaw through strengthening tactics. Typing in search of neck knocking exercises will take you to some sites with all levels of neck technique and face exercises. Filtering it and finding the right one for your specific issue is one click. There are also various tools available to do the work for you. Each apparatus has its own mechanism for controlling the target area, but ultimately, it is the reaction of the neck and jaw muscles that influence the desired outcome. As with any exercise, once you stop, the benefits fade. Scheduled routines, like any other exercise program only work if they are consistent.

When it comes to creams, it's hard to know whether you're seeing an advertisement as a viable product or one of the most expensive scams. When considering a cream purchase, look at the various websites that review the product. Read reviews, investigate any available clinical data, and visit the cover blog to check out the latest testimonials. One of the creams investigated here stands out among others where its effectiveness, data and authenticity are concerned. According to a website dedicated solely to comparing and reviewing neck creams, the most prominent is the Dermajuv Neck Restoration Cream. Dermajuv combines Matrixyl, a branded copper peptide that facilitates the body to make its own collagen, Sesaflash, a sesame seed that moisturizes and tightens the skin, stem cells that help heal damaged cells, hyaluronic acid, found naturally in tissues and helps the skin retain moisture, and finally, shea butter also helps moisturize and strengthen the skin. In many product review sites, this cream is the obvious choice. However, one thing to keep in mind is that when you treat a fragile neck with too much preparation, they actually only deal with the epidermis and not the dermis. Many skin professionals will tell you that only prescription strength brands will provide full thickness skin treatments for the effects of wrinkles, fatigue and color disorders such as hyper pigmentation.

Another option is chemical skin. This method mainly deals with acne, wrinkles, age spots, photo or sun damage and skin color changes. Depending on the compound, chemical peels can alter superficial damage, moderate damage or go deep to stimulate cell turnover in the inner skin layer. What the skin can do depends on the chemical used. There are several different types including alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which are only used to penetrate the epidermis, or outer skin layer, for superficial treatment. In addition to this preparation, there is a Trichloroacetic acid (TA) that provides deeper penetration for those who want deeper results obtained from stimulating the dermis, or inner skin layer. The strength of acid preparation is also a factor such as the condition of the skin before the skin. Proper application of skin by a professional should be the main consideration to get the most benefit with the least complications. The recovery time also depends on the preparation, skin condition and care according to the procedure.

Laser surgery is an option that can help but is just a simple way to tighten your loose neck. The sagging skin of the neck is caused by damage not only to the skin but also to the underlying muscles and fat. Noninvasive laser techniques have limited effect because they do not penetrate the dermis where collagen production occurs. Laser assisted liposuction may be effective for patients with skin fatigue due to weight loss. This procedure works with subcutaneous tissue through the incision and is quite effective for moderate skin tightening. Laser Fraxel, which has received more press recently, uses the technique of creating wounds in the deeper layers of the dermis, thus establishing a mission of skin-folding that is untouched by the surrounding skin. The outer layer remains defective while the inner layer of the dermis begins to heal. As older skin peels off, collagen regeneration can help the skin's elasticity and tone to look fresh.

As many doctors would advise, to really correct your neck, the most effective solution is surgery. This is an invasive procedure that requires consultation and discussion of expectations with your surgeon. Make sure you are both on the same page about the results you want. Do you want to eliminate excess fat from weight loss or genetic tendencies? The liposuction procedure, as discussed earlier, will emulsify and remove fat cells from the area. If your concern is excessive skin, a cervicaloplasty procedure is recommended. This removes excess skin through small cuts either under the chin, behind the ear or both. The skin is then cut and lifted to smooth the neck area. For a band-like look, platysmaplasty is available. This procedure requires the same incision under the chin and behind the ear and rearranges or removes the neck muscles to tighten the middle, most visible.

This procedure can be done alone or combined with others to re-formulate the area. Combination procedures can include facelift, forehead or eyebrows, eyelid surgery or chin enlargement. A relatively new procedure is a micro lift that involves small incisions in the chin and back of the neck to remove excess skin and muscles. Another option, by itself or in connection with the surgical procedure, is botox injection. Botox can relax the platysma resulting in a dislocated appearance. Again, clear expectations and results need to be part of the planned procedure.

Neck surgery can take from one to several hours and can cost anywhere from $ 3000 to $ 15,000 depending on how many procedures are performed. Local or general anesthesia may be used depending on the incompetence, and recovery time is usually 10 days to 2-3 weeks. Once the procedure is complete, the work is performed permanently with a stitch or tissue glue. Compression clothing is recommended to apply pressure to the area to aid blood flow, swelling and fluid retention. Pain medications are usually prescribed for comfort and postoperative care and compliance is essential to reduce complications to achieve the desired outcome. Rest and limited activities will be recommended.


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