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Natural Hemorrhoids Cure - How a Piano Player Suffered in Silence

One of my passions is playing the piano, and I play semi-professionally (meaning I get paid). However, there is nothing worse than sitting for a few hours on a hard piano bench, when you have hemorrhoids (aka hemroid, hemp, hemorrhoids). I suffered silently with this claim because I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor for a rectal exam. It's not one of the things I want to rush from work to try.

I first did what everyone did in this situation: I went to my local pharmacy and asked what they had to offer in the form of a statutory product. I headed down the aisle for a hemorrhoid product, and I picked up one of the better known products - cream. Although I got some symptoms from the cream, it did nothing to reduce or eliminate my hemorrhoids.

Back at the pharmacy, I asked for something "strong", and I brought in a suppository product. Of course when you are in a lot of pain or have itching and burning, at that point you will try anything. So I did - I bought and tried suppository.

Again, I have some relief from the symptoms of burning and itching, but it doesn't make my hemorrhoids disappear.

After a few days of suffering, I finally broke down and went to my doctor. He said I had "hemorrhoid" hemorrhoids, and he said if he didn't go it alone, he would need surgery for a permanent transplant.

I can't believe that a common disease like this can only be solved by undergoing a surgeon's knife. So I started a reasonable effort and researched this painful issue.

After hours of searching and comparing, and yes reading some boring medical journals, I learned how I can get rid of hemroids with 100% natural methods. Of course, with my back against the wall I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain with the possibility of pain free and hemorrhoid.

I bought this product with skepticism because, like the pharmaceutical products on the table, there are claims of natural remedies and eternity. To my surprise, not only did I have aches and pains, but I also had a reduction in swelling, even with my thrombosis hemorrhoids.

My treatment started with checking my diet, and I also found that I was a little dry, which surprised me a bit because I drank enough bottled water. Next, I followed the treatment plan as described, and I included some of the planning.

Within the first three days, my hemorrhoids were almost gone, and after following the method outlined in the plan, they went away in 2 days. For me, these rules are easy to follow, the adjustments I have made are easily changed from my previous behavior, and they are natural. This is a great relief for me because not only do I avoid surgery, but I learn some important things about improving my overall health,

I learned quickly that the only way to get hemorrhoids is to go to the source, which in this case is to kill the cause of the hemorrhoids. I learned a lot about the causes of hemorrhoids, including diet, hydration, exercise, and other reasons. Now I am itchy and pain free, and I continue my spirit on the piano bench with no problems. Also, after a few months I did not have any symptoms of hemorrhoids. For me, this method was much higher than I expected, and I was really surprised that I went from having surgery to removing thrombotic hemorrhoids to no symptoms at all in less than a week.


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