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Love Handles Be Gone!

"Love control" sounds so cute for something so ugly - not to mention unhealthy! They are fat deposits on your waist and back. For new moms, you may want to add more to this area with your last pregnancy. Lucky for you, you can lose the weight of pregnancy and the extra love that goes with just a few changes.

Lose Weight Everywhere

Controlling love is an extra fat built into your waist. It is a type of harmful fat that can lead to health problems such as heart disease and metabolic disorders. By losing weight and controlling your love, you can reduce your risk of diabetes or heart attack.

So you just have to target the love control area, right? Inaccurate. You can't reduce just one area of ​​your body. If that happens, then there will be no term 'problem issue'. We will all be in perfect proportion. If you want to get rid of the weight of pregnancy and control the love that comes with it, you will lose fat everywhere in your body.

Cardio is the best exercise in fat burning. Strength training will help you develop more lean muscles that help you burn calories faster. Reducing the amount of calories you eat every day will prevent you from storing extra calories as fat. The fastest way to lose the weight of pregnancy left around your waist is to follow a combination of all three.

Strengthen Your Obligations

Obliques are the muscles in your stomach. They are boxes of muscle that we know as "6 packs." Obliques are important because they help us turn around and turn around. But sometimes our love controls them.

Strengthening your obliques will help you burn calories, giving you the smooth, tight muscles you want in your stomach area.

The American Exercise Council has suggested three best exercises you can do to target your obliques to eliminate pregnancy weight around your stomach. These are: bike crunches, captain's chair legs, and vertical leg crunches.

For bike crunches, lie on your back and twist as you work your butt down while keeping your feet in the air as if you were riding a bike. The captain's chair lift requires you to use the captain's chair, which is accessible at most fitness centers. It is a shelf with a padded sleeve that allows your feet to hang freely. Vertical foot crunches are performed by lying on your back with your feet straight at a 45-degree angle and causing crises at the same time.

Eat Fat Burning Food

High sugar or sodium-rich foods add more inches to your waist. So to lose weight and control the remaining love, you need to eat the right kind of fat burning food. Foods that contain healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, and salmon belly fat. Green leafy vegetables, dairy products, fibrous fruits, and whole grains are slowly digested to make you feel more satisfied. Try drinking green tea daily as it speeds up your metabolism and helps fight disease.

Simple Clothing Tricks

A quick and easy trick to losing your love handles is to make sure your clothes fit well. Wearing tight or inappropriate clothing can emphasize a love of control, even if the person is thin. When you have worked hard to lose the weight of your pregnancy and handle the love attached, do not sabotage it by putting yourself in too tight jeans.


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