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Lose Belly Fat - How to Lose Belly Fat

Ab Training Machine Don't Work

How many TV ads do you see for a variety of exciting exercise machines? If you're like me, it feels like you're seeing thousands of people! There are always new ones coming out that should help you lose belly fat. There really is no machine worth wasting your time or money. They just don't work.

Sit-Ups & Crunches Don't Work

Two other great ways to waste your time. You can do thousands of sit-ups (or crunches) daily and still not make much progress in losing belly fat. Obviously they are not the most effective way to get a job.

Diet Pills Not Working

Never waste your time or money on diet pills. Whether for losing belly fat or for other weight loss purposes, they simply do not work and eventually they will do more harm than good.

Diet Improve Metabolism Does Work

The key to losing belly fat (and getting a good stomach) is not to build more muscle in the stomach but rather to burn more fat with a high metabolism diet that forces your body to get rid of any excess fat it holds.

You need to find a diet that includes weekly "calorie spikes" (ie, "dead days") as these mechanisms increase your body's metabolism in a way that has no choice but to release extra fat.

It is also important to choose a diet that does not force you to count your calories or keep a diary because these types of diets will definitely fail as they are not likely to stick. Remember that dieting does not do anything good unless you are able to withstand it until you reach your goal.


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