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Lose 10 Pounds of Stomach Fat in 14 Days - 3 Sure Ways to Shed Those Stubborn Tummy Fat

Is it me or the holidays longer and longer? This is all well and good, but it causes most people to lose weight before the festive season ends.

Don't you know, most of the extra pounds I earn are around my stomach, controlling my love in full swing. But here are 3 things I did to get rid of my stubborn belly fat.

1. Cut out all snacks

And I'm not just talking about the burger king and McDonald's, I mean all the greasy, fried, fast-food, fast-food provided without any regard for health. At least for the next 14 days prepare your own food, which means you will have more control over what goes on in it.

Eliminate all snacks and leftovers left on leave. No meals between snacks or snacks throughout the day.

Avoid meat and dairy products for 14 days. Meat is a low-fat, high-fiber diet, even without white meat. Instead eat lots of fruits and vegetables and salads but without high fat thick salad dressings, use a vinaigrette instead. Eat lots of green leafy veggies, and only cereal foods like brown rice.

You need high fiber foods in your diet so that you can push you to get the junk out of the colon. You will be surprised at how much of your stomach that is bullied is waste.

Avoid high processed foods, very delicate foods such as white sugar and flour. No processed food.

No soda and fruit juices or any sweet drinks for that matter. And don't deny alcohol! These are high in fat and calories and will go straight to your middle.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking about 8 8oz glasses of water daily will help to remove toxins and waste from the lower intestines and reduce your stomach. This must be pure water. Water will also help you feel full so you won't eat.

3. Use an effective colon

You need to clean the digestive track of all wastes, stains, and toxins so you can start absorbing the right nutrients again. You tend to eat and snack if your body can't absorb enough nutrients from your diet, and this can't be done if your intestines are clogged!

A good colon cleanse or body cleanse will improve your metabolism and help keep your middle body clean and clear, and also help your body burn more fat more effectively. Cleansing the body I use works great on it and helps me lose my holiday intestines! See the link below if you want to try it for free.


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