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List of Good Transitional Habits for the Mucusless Diet Healing System

Professor Arnold Ehret, a descendant of naturopaths, wrote the Mucusless Diet Healing System in the early 1900s. The diet consists of many types of raw and cooked fruits, starchy vegetables, and cooked or raw green vegetables. The Mucusless Diet as a Healing System is a combination of individually and long-term fast fasting, menus that gradually change to slimy raw foods, regular colonic irrigation, and other refreshing therox like sun bath, exercise, etc. .

Ehret believes that a mono-fruit diet, or a diet of only fruits and vegetables, is a natural diet for humans. But he does not necessarily suggest that humans, in current pathological conditions, can be memorable without much food and PRACTICES. Mucusless diet. Many health seekers hear about diets that are unsanitary and want to jump right in without a long transition period. Use Mucusless Diet Healing System as a way to save sick people from illness is different from using it as a transition lifestyle to achieve superior health. The principles are the same, but they should be applied a little differently to those who are a little more strict in health care than those who are chronically ill. Ehret wrote his article, which resulted in him Mucusless Diet Healing System & Fasting Rationale books, directed to save the lives of poor patients after his experience saving thousands in his sanitarium. In the meantime, he experimented with his long-term transition principles. Such experiences greatly influence the application of his healing system to his patients, who basically use it only briefly to save their lives. The differences between short- and long-term applications must be understood when learning to adapt the transition principles to achieve long-term goals.

Today, more and more people are beginning to see the benefits of eliminating foods that make music out of their diet. Non-mucous foods are naturally detoxifying and promoting good health and well-being. But what about a transition from pus and food to mucus? No question, it requires commitment. Slime-shaped foods are highly addictive and one must work hard to resist addiction. However, you don't have to be hard on yourself during your transition. Here are some guidelines to consider when switching from pus and mucus-forming foods.

List of good transition habits to keep in mind:

  • Avoid drinking with food. If you need to drink after a meal, wait at least five minutes before doing so. Wait more than 30 minutes if possible. Mixing fluids with solid foods impedes the body's ability to digest and eliminate waste. The body craves simplicity and will eliminate it better without the mixture.

  • Most fruits and vegetables do not mix well. If you eat fruits and vegetables, eat fruits first — wait a few minutes, then eat salad / vegetables.

  • It is advisable to eat no more than twice a day, eliminating breakfast. Aim for an all-day meal in the evening and a salad / vegetable meal combination in the evening. Fresh juice and / or vegetable juice can be eaten throughout the day.

  • Always combine mucus with salads and vegetables. In the days when old slime is favored, use transitional slime and be sure to include plenty of salads and vegetables.

  • Don't be harsh on yourself because of slime and eat some. Everyone gets off the train sometimes, especially at first. The key is to change your body's chemistry so that you no longer crave, or even eat, foods that are harmful to you. Mucus tastes like Clorox bleach.

  • Slice the colon with enema (lemon) or colon if needed.

  • Keep up to date with the free menus menu. Do not break down quickly with slime and be satisfied. If you've moved correctly and broken it quickly, you can avoid the problem.

  • Apply yourself to the support person. The misery of company love and eating is the greatest form of social solidarity known to man. Fruits and vegetables look natural, but people who are conditioned and poisoned by Western food tend to react with hatred and fear. Include positive people who are also interested in healing themselves.

  • The best food for humans is raw slime free. However, during the transition, using some unhealthy cooked foods is very helpful. They can help with great appetite while acting as an intestinal broom.

  • Enjoy the healing process.

Transition Diet

It is very important that health seekers using the Mucusless Diet learn how to switch from the most dangerous slime to those who leave at least one waste. The transitional diet is a true art form that will take time to learn. But once you start, your body will begin to guide you intuitively along the way.


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