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Job Description and Salary of an Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers also work as physician partners, physical therapists and others in the medical field when they have to undergo medical procedures such as MRI, x-rays, or surgery.

Athletic Trainers can only provide the most basic medical care to their clients since they are not doctors. Most coaches can be seen working closely with the sports team. The Physical Coach is usually the first to respond if a player is injured during a game. They provide players with emergency medical care or first aid until a doctor arrives. Not all Athletic Coaches work with just sports athletes. You may also find Athletic Trainers who work with men and women in the army during their training. Athletic coaches also play an important role in determining when an athlete may be ready to resume playing. Before giving the athlete a signal to return to the field, they will first consult a doctor to confirm that the injury has healed.

Athletic Trainer Education, Training and Certification

Having the right qualifications is very important for a coach. A bachelor's degree in athlete training is required. Degree must be obtained at a recognized college or university (CAATE- Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education). Athletes looking to work in professional sports may need a Master's degree. Obtaining anatomy, nutrition, physiology and biomechanics can be expected for those interested in becoming a PhysicalTrainer.

Students who wish to become a Trainer also need to have clinical experience as part of their courses in addition to regular classroom courses. The clinical experience aims to provide students with the experience and life situations that they can handle in the workplace. More experience will be gained once you get into the field and start working.

Almost all states require Athletics to be certified and licensed in that state. The Certification Board for Athletics offers standard certification exams to be licensed. You must pass the BOC exam after graduating from a recognized program before you can sit for the certification exam. There are certain conditions that a Coach must satisfy; such as compliance with BOC standards of practice and disciplinary processes before being allowed to take the BOC Certification test.

Work Environment and Schedule

The work of an athlete coach has many different settings. About one in three physical trainers will work in educational facilities including college, university, primary or secondary. They can also work for a professional sports team or a fitness center. Some will work in doctors' offices, rehabilitation clinics, and even in the military. Many coaches work in educational facilities, such as high schools and colleges. Other people can work in a doctor's office or on a professional sports team. Depending on who they work for, the internal and external work environment can be expected. To set an example, an athlete who works for a sports team can spend a lot of time outdoors and may need to travel with players to different cities.

Depending on their employer, an athlete coach can work part-time or full-time. Coaches who work for educational facilities tend to have more regular working hours, while those who work for sports teams and doctor's offices can see more nights and weekends.

Factors Affecting Athletic Coaches' Salaries

- Experience - Athletes who are new to the profession usually start at just $ 25,000 a year while those who work for years earn over $ 70,000.

Education - Every athlete must have at least a bachelor's degree to work. However, those who choose to pursue their studies and obtain a Master's degree will be given higher rewards and increased job opportunities.

Location - In determining athletic salaries, location is also very important. Salaries can vary from State to State and the highest paying state is Utah.

Employer - In working for different employers, Physical Trainers will have different pay. Performing arts companies, primary schools, junior colleges, spectator sports, and post-secondary institutions are employers who pay for this work.

Average Athletic Trainer Annual Salary

The average coach athlete's annual salary is $ 44,640. This is calculated by multiplying all the wages in the job and dividing that value by the number of employees. The bottom 10% of these occupations make less than $ 26,170 and the top 10% make over $ 65,970. The average hourly wage is $ 21.46. The bottom 10% make $ 12.58 while the top 10% make $ 31.72.

Highest Paying Cities:

1. Salt Lake City, UT: $ 72,600

2. Charleston, SC: $ 68,310

3. New Brunswick, NJ: $ 65,120

4. Colorado Springs, CO: $ 62,260

5. Bridgeport, CT: $ 61,980

Highest Paying State:

1. Utah: $ 60,580

2. New Jersey: $ 56,500

3. Connecticut: $ 55,950

4. Texas: $ 52,980

5. District of Columbia: $ 51,520

State with the highest level of Employment:

1. Illinois

2. Texas

3. Michigan

4. New York

5. California


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