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Is Yeast Keeping Me Fat?

You may be surprised to learn that candida albicans yeast infection is often one of the major contributors to weight loss. Candida has the ability to increase toxins in the body, interfere with digestion, reduce absorption of valuable nutrients, cause hormone imbalances, and lead to cravings for sugar which increases fat storage, and insulin resistance of type 2 diabetes.

What you read about Candida albicans and weight loss is nothing less than revolutionary. I'll take everything you think you know about the topic of weight loss and stand on his head.

For most of you, you may want to rename the Secret: Why can't I lose weight and why do I feel sick most of the time? Ask any practicing doctor and they will tell you. More and more people are coming to them with two questions in mind.

Not only are they excellent questions that deserve answers, but the individual deserves help from their situation.

Maybe you're one of them. We see it more honestly. The doctor finally saw it. There is more of a late coincidence between weight gain and pain.

And the connection between these two conditions - more often than not - is Candida mushrooms. When you can focus your efforts to eliminate Candida albicans from your system, the rewards will begin to unfold, as in a slimmer, trimmer and healthier body. But also in the form of a body not filled with vague, painful and painful symptoms.

Low-carb diets have been beating lately. Many individuals even get more help with certain diets than others.

You may not be aware that holistic practitioners and nutritionists have used some forms of this diet literally to help individuals who not only lose weight but also lose it.

Even for those who are grateful for help, few realize what is really going on in their system during this time.

Dr. Steven Zodkoy, director of Advance Monmouth Medical in Freehold, NJ, said patients visiting his office, who are in the process of pleading for some form of help with weight loss, are also "weighing" the list of what appears to be symptoms. To the patients themselves, these symptoms appear to be different from their weight problems.

In addition to being a chiropractor, Dr. Zodkoy is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and American Diplomat in the Clinical Nutrition Board of America.

But as Dr Zodkoy heard, he knew why they felt their pain and pain. He knows that the main cause of not only food poisoning but also the presence of these symptoms is Candida albicans.


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