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Is It True That Women Who Skip Breakfast Are More Likely To Conceive A Girl?

I recently heard from a woman who was trying to become pregnant and who wanted a baby girl. She has read that women who eat breakfast are more likely to have a baby boy. She wants to know if this information is true and, if so, does this mean she has to skip breakfast to increase her chances of having a daughter? I will express my opinion on this in the following article.

There Is A Small Study Of Breakfast Foods (Like Cereals) Made Baby Baby Even More Than: She may read an article in a recent British study that shows that women who consume more calories and eat breakfast cereals have a higher chance of conceiving a man. With that said, this is a bit of a small study. There were only 740 participants in this study and the ratio of male and female was not significant. In particular, 56% of women have men and 45% have daughters. Men are more likely to be women who consume more calories and eat more breakfast cereals. But then again, statistics aren't all that shocking here, at least in my opinion.

So, Should You Skip Breakfast If You Want Baby or Eat Big Breakfast If You Want Baby ?: Well, it might not hurt to include cereals in your diet if you are trying for a boy, but I would not recommend breakfast if you are trying to get pregnant. And additional calories may be the most important variable in women who are more likely to become pregnant. No correlation was proven, at least in my opinion, by skipping breakfast.

It is said that if you want a boy, be wise to eat foods rich in alkaline foods. And, it is important to mention here that some cereals are made up of cereals such as rice and oats which are trendy towards alkali. These non-acidic foods benefit Y or the male producing sperm chromosome.

But, if you want a girl, where will this leave you? Well, you should definitely eat breakfast consisting of acidic foods instead. Be acidic to X or a girl who produces sperm. Eggs are acidic and can be a good choice. Coffee, blueberries, and toast are also possible. So my suggestion is not to skip breakfast if you want a girl, but to choose an acidic instead of alkaline.

Diet And Breakfast Are Not The Only Variables To Consider When It Comes To Gender Babies: While it may seem that your awareness of breakfast and calorie intake may be something you should consider when it comes to your baby's gender, this is not the only thing. While your acidity and PH can affect whether you have a boy or a girl, so do your time and the sexual position you use during pregnancy. Early days will favor girls and late days will favor boys.

In short, there are at least three variables to consider when trying to make sure that you are pregnant with either a girl or a baby boy. Breakfast is just one of them.


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