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Is Grounding or Earthing Important To Health?

Here is a brief explanation of this widely studied theory. When your children are not good, you will punish them by putting them down. This means they are not allowed to leave home to do whatever they want to do. That's kind of basic, but that's not what this article is about.

For most electrical devices there are only 2 plugs out of the plug and that is enough to work. In some electrical devices, there is a third branch called ground. It does not exist to make the device work. This is to ensure that there is too much electrical current from your build and electricity. It is connected to the earth so that excess electricity can flow to the earth.

Animal properties are always in contact with soil (earth), rock or water. This prevents excessive charges from building their bodies. This is not the case with humans. This can be seen by someone touching something and getting a shock of static electricity from excess electricity that leaves their body quickly. Different people have different sensitivities to excess electrical charges on their bodies.

There is a famous raw food that eats all the raw foods by the name of David Wolfe. Both of her parents were medical doctors until she was very smart. He's also a national millionaire. He has experimented with earthing or grounding by doing many things. He has found that he makes a significant difference in his feelings. Now to get a little further into electrical science. The earth is the best land but the big objects will reach a certain level.

Therefore, in a car, the car body is the ground. Therefore, he uses tools so that while he is driving the car, he can be built by being in an electrical relationship with the car. Stephen Sinatra MD wrote a book on the ground or the earth. He was approached by others to do this but refused to do so until tests were done to show that it made a difference in people. There are different devices to help people build their sleep.

People have reported the benefits of soil or soil to get better sleep, reduce chronic pain, less inflammation, less stress, increase energy, shorten recovery time from injuries or sports recovery and more. The last I heard was that David Wolfe had reached the point where he went to any foot of chicken. Now I do not recommend this. Why not? Do I think I'm smarter than David Wolfe?

Well I'm not saying that the benefits aren't worth the hassle. But by walking barefoot, you can get parasitic infections known as worms. Now I don't know anyone who has this infection personally, but I don't know anyone who walks barefoot. This is what I know. Over half a billion people (over 500 million people) in the world have hookups. Also Dr. Oz said the south lost the civil war as many of them walked barefoot. Also they now have special shoes that you can wear, where you have an electrical connection (not real) with the ground.

So I suggest taking advantage of this new technology. There are also sharp things on the ground and other evil things. Also one thing that connects you to electric ground better than anything is water. Let's say you stand on the ground about 30 feet from a live electric wire that falls on the ground. It won't surprise you. But if you stand in the water where it happens then you can get electricity.

So you can go to the ocean, lake or river and put your feet in the water for a while. If you are near the beach, you can walk with the water until your knees are barefoot or with sandals. Its okay. In fact if you walk barefoot on the wet beach it will help to tear down everything. I grew up spending the summer at the beach every day and never had any problems without chicken feet. For more information on this, including practical things you can do for Grounding or Earthing Health Benefits.


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