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Increase Your Semen Volume by a Massive 500% More!

Do you want to increase your semen? Cement can be improved in several ways and I will explain how you can improve semen quickly and effectively.

First you need to look at the reasons why your semen volume is not as high as you want it to be.

1] Lifestyle

A full and late night drinking habits and lack of exercise are a major factor in how much semen you produce. Poisons from alcohol and fast foods have a negative effect on your semen production. They create a bad environment for your body to produce large amounts of semen.

If you are living an unhealthy life, you are advised to stop smoking and drink and change your eating habits.

2] Diet

Fill your meal with lots of red meat, fish and chicken. They are a good source of the amino acids L-ARGININE and L-LYSINE for improving semen quality and quantity.

Avoid snacks and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also keep your body hydrated and free of toxins by drinking lots of water.

3] Stay Fit

Good blood circulation is also important if you want to increase semen production. Keeping yourself healthy and getting regular massages will get your blood pumping.

4] Increase Testosterone Levels

Increasing the amount of semen naturally increases your testosterone levels. When your testosterone level is high your body naturally increases semen production. There are special herbs that increase testosterone


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