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If You Are Dieting, Getting Hungry is Good

If you are looking for fast, effective fat burning, then listen carefully. It's okay to let yourself be hungry. Trying to drop the last few pounds quickly can be difficult (like before vacation). Avoiding snacks during your hunger means letting your body burn some of those reserves — otherwise known as fat.

It may be old, but it works!

Old school thinking means a diet that resembles hunger. Then new ideas came out that suggested it was better to eat small meals all day. In theory, this causes your metabolism to run at a higher rate. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for most people.

Does Small Meal Work for You?

I have to tell you, this doesn't work for me. No matter how I try this "6 small meal" plan, it doesn't make me thinner. The problem with having six small meals a day is that your body always has food to burn. Your body does not have to go into its reserves (body fat) to get energy. Any exercise or activity only burns the calories you eat

Eat More Like a Child?

Kids seem to be able to go all day, play hard, without feeling hungry. Keeping busy, so fun, almost makes you forget about eating. Until you stop! Then you will starve, but you only eat what you need. Active children usually look thin and healthy. Think about eating like a kid!

"My Metabolism Does Not Determine What To Use For"

In general, children do not eat some adults. Well, I have to say healthy kids. People who sit around video games and the Internet are getting fat, but these active kids are lean and healthy. Staying in a building near food means you will eat more. Adults who are stuck behind a desk all day, or work near food, are not likely to burn body fat easily. Protecting yourself from supplements, sometimes hungry, can be very good for your metabolism.

Getting Hunger Can Be Meaningful

Our body does not really need an endless supply of food. Not that you have to starve yourself, but hunger isn't always bad. When your body becomes hungry, it starts burning energy reserves (body fat) and you become leaner. You'll see more results that appear faster. Getting a little hungry before your hard cardio exercises will also increase your ability to burn fat. If you want to lean, get a little hungry!


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