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How to Speak With a Doctor About Impotence

Before you talk to your doctor about the problem of impotence, there are a few things you might want to consider. First you may want to ask if you can talk to your doctor or you would prefer to go to a specialist doctor called a "urologist." Your doctor will now have a referral for one. Also, some people prefer to bring their partner when they talk to a doctor. Most importantly though, don't be shy, this may be the most common disorder in men.

When you talk to your doctor, he may want to start with a medical exam, and some medical questions to learn more about your history and how it affects you now. He or she may also want to know about your surgery, medication, and your relationship with your partner. This may seem like a weird question but it is actually very important and relevant to your treatment. He may ask specifically about self-confidence in bed, how long you can hold, if you can ejaculate and a few others.

Physical examination will also take place where the doctor carefully examines your penis and penis, performs some reflex tests, and takes your blood pressure. Blood samples are also needed to check for things like diabetes and high cholesterol as both can have a very powerful effect on overall ectopic health. There is a strong chance that if this is a problem, he will tell you all you need is a diet and exercise adjustment!


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