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How to Help Endometriosis Naturally

Endometriosis occurs when tissue that normally grows in the uterus grows elsewhere. It is a very painful condition that many women have described as more intense than the birth of a child. They estimate that it affects about 10% of women of childbearing age.

Some women have very bad symptoms that they may have to suffer from endometriosis. Some women commit suicide because of it. About 1950 the FDA's attitude toward food was that the purpose of eating was to fill the stomach. Diet does not affect your health. The only things that affect your health are medication (medicines) and surgery.

I noticed that many women have accepted that they will have this endometriosis condition until menopause. It is not always difficult to help naturally. But first ladies need to feel they can help and they may need to love themselves. There is a disease called scurvy that kills over a million people. Of course, many feel that there is no hope for the prevention or cure of this disease. But it has been cured of vitamin C. Or you can say that it is caused by vitamin C deficiency.

In the late 1800s there was a terrible bone disease that 90% of children in the United States and Europe called for rickets. Children in South America and Africa have no problem with the disease. Doctors say that children need to get out of the sun to avoid this. Then they cure the disease with vitamin D. Or you could say that vitamin D deficiency causes it.

So here are some clues to what causes endometriosis. It only occurs when women are menstruating. Duration can be short and easy or long and hard. The natural health view of menstruation is that it cleanses the body. Many women have changed their lifespan and it is difficult to avoid any bleeding or other symptoms by eating better foods.

In Chinese medicine, they associate endometriosis with the liver. The main task of the liver is to clear the toxins. If you take too much alcohol or toxic mushrooms, the liver protects the body from this toxin and the person dies of liver failure. So endometriosis is the same as how rickets and scurvy are used. Of course the medicine (medicines) only makes it worse because they are all bad for the heart.

Here's an example that doesn't know what to do with you. Let's say you are 25 years old and live in Pennsylvania and have had sex with a 16-year-old. There's nothing wrong with this. You do not violate any law. Then you move to Arizona and do this. You have committed statutory rape and this is a very serious crime that makes you a criminal who can end up in prison.

Therefore, to help with endometriosis you can ensure adequate sleep, reduce stress, get exercise and improve your diet. An easy way to understand how to improve your diet is to eat less processed foods and eat more processed foods. Also many conditions, including this one, are helped by eating more plant foods and less animal foods. It also helps to understand that men create much of their own suffering.

Dr. Oz says to eat foods that don't have a ingredients list. This is another way of saying that you should avoid processed foods. They also find that sufficient sunlight or vitamin D can help endometriosis, PCOS and PMS. See your Cure Endometriosis.


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