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How to Get Flat Abs Fast and Look Great

If you are looking for fitness in the hope of learning how to get fast abs, you are not alone. Who wouldn't want a sexy flat stomach free of ugly belly fat? Getting to the waist with a slim waist and a flat stomach is where most people know they have reached their peak fitness. It also makes you look better in your clothes (and from them).

In addition to the level of sexual attraction you will have within yourself, there are other benefits to having a flat stomach. Eliminating belly fat reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, and more. Having a strong core will help you do your daily activities as well as prevent injury from any strenuous activity you may have to perform as responsibilities that you need to complete, such as cutting grass, moving, or carrying injured people. Hey, you never know! It's the best it can provide, and with strong flat abs, you'll be more prepared than the average Joe.

To learn how to get an average abs fast, you need to find the most effective exercises to burn your belly fat and muscle tone. The combination of these two benefits is what will really make your stomach grow faster. You can burn fat but don't have good stomach muscles to show off or you can tone your abdominal muscles but they are covered with a thick layer of fat. Both options are not very good. Instead burn fat and muscle tone, and look great!

Here are some good exercises to do for you. Stick with it and you'll see results for two weeks, provided you eat properly (more about this later!)

Exercises to get quick abs:

5 minutes: warm up with light jogging

Burning: 4 minutes 20 seconds to 10 seconds from high intensity cardiovascular exercise. These can be ellipses, jump ropes, runs, etc. Make sure you push yourself hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

That tone: 30 seconds board, 30 seconds upside down, 30 seconds out of 100, 30 seconds bike

Burning: Repeat the first 4 minutes of the cycle

That tone: 30 seconds of long arm cramps (crunches with your hands extended over your head), 30 seconds elbow boards, 30 seconds of wood to the right, 30 seconds of wood to the left

Burning: Repeat the first 4 minutes of the cycle

That tone: 30 seconds from the waist lift, 30 seconds to pick up, 30 seconds to a single foot bridge, 30 seconds to a punch

5 minutes: lightweight jogging and stretching for cool


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