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How to Conceive a Baby Boy - Diet to Conceive a Boy Baby Naturally

Ever wondered why all the royal families gave birth to the king more than the princess. Well, because they know all the ways to conceive a baby boy. Among these are dietary measures to be taken before and after pregnancy. This is the safest way to conceive a baby boy because it naturally, has a higher success rate and is completely safe.

Here is a list of foods that will help you conceive a baby boy: -

Papaya: - According to Russian scientists, they are the presence of platinum in Papaya that helps in the birth of a baby boy due to the effects of platinum on genes that increase the probability of having a baby boy.

It is also important to know when to eat papaya and in what quantity. Well, men should start eating 200 grams of papaya 3 months before marriage. Yes, now you would think that you would have to wait another three months to get a baby boy. Well, I think it's better than expensive surgery and so the success rate with this technique is between 90-92% according to the journal.

Women should take 100 grams of papaya after mating for up to 3 months once your pregnancy has been confirmed. Another precaution that the couple should take is that they should refrain from sugar during this period (men 3 months before and women 3 months after marriage).

Calabash: - Women who want to conceive with a baby boy should start calabash four months before conception and after they get pregnant, they should mix a little sweetener with calabash seeds and take it daily.

This process increases the probability of a baby boy twice. During pregnancy, when you expect the baby a month before delivery, you should start eating 70 grams of raw calabash daily. You can mix some sweeteners so you can eat them. This not only helps to conceive a man but also gives your baby a healthy and fair birth.

Rice: - Rice is also known to increase the chances of baby boys. The methodology is as follows: -

Put some rice in water and leave for 3 to 4 hours. Then have lunch or grind those that are dehydrated and collect water in the glass. Dip some lemon into the water and drink it. Then women should have sex with hubby for the next three nights. This process should be repeated after each menstrual cycle until pregnancy occurs. Researchers who know this technique claim it is 100% effective in conceiving a baby boy. But this process should be done only after the women's menstrual cycle is over.

Another way to conceive a baby boy is to drink milk of a red cow for three months before pregnancy, which is hardly a scientific reason for this theory, but it is followed in some parts of India, known for its slender sex ratio.

Jaggery (refined sugars) is also known to help nourish male babies.


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