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How Does Laser Lipo Work?

This article describes in laymans terms how lipo lasers, and in particular Lumislim lasers work. First, laser lipos may be a new paradigm as far as body contouring is concerned, but the use of these types of lasers actually lasts a long time. Our simulators and machines have a low-risk cold laser diode release active at 650nm wavelength. The way it works is that these laser energy frequencies stimulate the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The cells lose their circular shape, and the intracellular fat is removed.

Subsequently, fatty triglycerides flow out of the disturbed cell membrane and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body's natural metabolic function without any harmful physiological effects, and are used as a source of energy for the body or released in wastewater.

This process does not alter neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. It is not just a dilution of fat but rather an instantaneous breakdown of fat cells, known as lipolysis, laser lipolysis or laser lipo.

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It's easy to use too. During routine lipo laser treatment, up to four treatment pads containing laser diodes are placed on the treatment area and secured directly to the skin using elastic straps. Then two more lasers were placed in the area of ​​the lymph nodes closest to the treatment zone. Once all the pads have been set up, customers can feel comfortable and just enjoy the treatment or choose to pamper themselves with other concurrent treatments.

Of course, the results vary from person to person, but in 2008 RED magazine reviewed several treatments and the results were as follows.

Name Type Treatment Not Treatment for Fat Loss Cost

Alma Conversation Radio Frequency 7 7cm 2,000

Laser Smartlipo / Surgery 1 6cm 2,000

Lipo-Smooth Ultrasounhd 6 5cm 880

Ultratone Electric pulses 12 4.5cm 420

Tripolar Radio Frequency 6-8 4.5cm 1,200

6-8 3cm 360 Degree Rotating Lipomassage

LASERLIPO Class 3B laser 8 19.5cm 1,000

The results of this study are clearly conclusive and show the great potential of laser lipo as a business opportunity. Laser Laser is a great value for money, but its decisions often lead to repeat and referral efforts, making this one of the most beneficial treatments any beauty salon owner can offer.

When it comes to machine choice, it's a small market with only a few vendors. Of all the machines available Lumislim is a clear leader in terms of quality and price, which means smart purchasing decisions.

However, serious salon owners and clinics need to pay attention to this treatment as it can easily change their business if properly marketed.


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