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How Beer Makes You Fat

Men keep talking about "old beer intestines." That big circle where the 6 packs of their fat are officially located. Even though men are joking and complaining, they still can't get away from their beer love. If you ask one of these jokes about how beer actually makes you fat, you might get some answers or there's nothing to reply. There are scientific reasons why beer makes you fat and may not be exactly what you imagine.

There are several factors at work when you consider why beer makes you fat. The first factor is beer containing alcohol. Alcohol has been shown to prevent metabolism to function better, more importantly it slows metabolism. Even at least alcohol can slow down your metabolism for several days. Currently, foods that are used for energy are stored as fat instead. Not only do you gain weight but the use of alcohol prevents many of the vitamins and minerals needed for our metabolism to function properly.

When people take a beer, it goes up to a dozen times at a time, and more. Many drinkers can't remember how much they got when they wake up the next day for that matter. One thing to keep in mind is how many calories you can eat at a time. For 12 oz. Your beer can eat anywhere between 100 calories as in light beer and up to 200 calories or more for regular beer. If someone drinks 6 beers at a time, for example, they consume anywhere from 600 - 1200 calories just from drinking beer! People who like to go out and drink most of the weekends can get 1 pound of calories just from drinking.

There are also food and beer associations. Many drinkers also feel hungry for high-fat foods. Pizza, cheesecake burgers and other common foods are often consumed during drinking. Alcohol also lowers blood sugar levels in many people. When your brain starts to receive the message that your blood sugar level is low, it causes you to crave high sugar foods, resulting in more unnecessary calories.

Although beer is considered a major culprit when it comes to alcoholic beverages, the fact that all alcohol does not matter whether it comes from beer, wine or spirits has a negative effect on your metabolism and actually promotes weight gain. Beer is usually a male target because it is the most commonly consumed type of alcohol. High calorie content also has a role to play. To suggest that a man give up beer is a crazy proposition but reducing the consumption of beer while drinking light beer in a regular beer substitution can be a step in the right direction to say goodbye to the beer belly.


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