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Home Remedies for Yeast Infection - Top 8 Users Recommended Home Remedies

Yeast is a small organ or minute (candida fungus) that lives in small quantities on the human body. They occur when the normal levels of acid and yeast in the vagina are unbalanced, which causes excess yeast to cause discomfort, but not serious, known as yeast infection. Yeast infections can appear with hormone changes such as pregnancy, hormone therapy or contraceptive pills.

Yeast infections occur mostly in women who have menstruation. Yeast infection can cause weak immune system, degenerative condition and disease.

Common symptoms of yeast infections include: itching and irritation of the vagina, swelling, or vulva itching (outer skin folds), white discharge that looks like cottage cheese and generally does not smell, though it may smell such as bread or yeast pain or burning during urination or during sex.

User-recommended Home Recovery for Yeast Infection

1) Mix of olive leaf extract with grapefruit grapefruit extract is a good healing tonic for this infection.

2) Essential oils of essential oils, applied topically to the vagina, have shown some potential as natural Home Remedy for Infectious Yeast.

3) Make garlic pod paste and apply it to the skin around the vagina. It can burn for a short time, but it helps. This concentrate can be used for yeast infections in other parts of the body as well

4) Apply apple cider vinegar regularly in areas exposed to this infection. You can add some garlic to stop the itching sensation; and water to dilute the concentration of vinegar. This is another effective one Home Remedy for Infectious Yeast.

5) Drink at least two cups of buttermilk a day, whether infected or not. Even making milk as part of a daily diet reduces the chance of yeast infection.

6) Curds or yogurt are considered one of the best home remedies for yeast infections. In fact, it is recommended to soak the tampon into the milk and place it on the infected area for at least one hour. Basically, the bacteria from the uterus replace the unhealthy yeast bacteria. This can be repeated two to three times a day. This medicine works Home Remedy for Infectious Yeast.

7) Boil 1 liter of water and add 1 teaspoon of licorice flour. Don't drink this, steep and tense. Use the mixture as a vaginal wash.

8) Insert 1 or 2 boric acid capsules into the vagina and store the capsule for a few days. Boric acid can cause burns and discomfort, but it will provide relief. This is good too Home Remedy for Infectious Yeast.


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