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Holistic Approach to Type 2 Diabetes

The holistic approach to health is based on the belief that the body can heal itself if given the right tools. The holistic approach to Type 2 Diabetes is to focus on nutrition and nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and energy healing. A holistic approach to Type 2 Diabetes focuses on reducing blood sugar levels and improving metabolism.

With regard to type 2 diabetes, it is important to maintain a healthy weight and to overcome obesity and smoking. It is important to reduce body fat (measured as BMI) to an acceptable level. The holistic approach to achieving this is through diet, exercise, stress reduction and natural supplements.

For type 2 diabetes, we must see food as medicine. In general, we should only take foods that contain many vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. A high dietary diet is recommended. The diet should consist of almost whole fresh vegetables (especially green vegetables) with some fresh fruit (especially apples and pears) and berries. A few whole grains (quinoa, couscous and kasha), berries, nuts and seeds are fine. Dried beans are good. They are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and low glycemic foods. Peanut butter, garbanzo beans, black beans and red beans are excellent. Peanut butter, kidney beans, green beans, black beans, northern nuts and navy beans are also good. Avoid starchy vegetables like white potatoes. For protein, nuts, eggs and fish are recommended. However, at least 80% of the diet should consist of fresh, fresh, and unripe vegetables. Organic and raw vegetables are the best. Fresh vegetables provide the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that the body needs.

Avoid refined sugars and starch and processed foods, sodas and sugary drinks including artificial drinks. Processed foods are usually high in calories and they increase blood sugar levels. This is because they often contain high fructose corn syrup and refined sugars and other flour along with trans fats and other fats that increase blood sugar levels. Generally, processed foods contain empty calories and have no nutritional value. The body needs and demands nutrition. Processed foods make you hungry because they do not meet the body's nutritional requirements. When you eat most of the fresh vegetables, you will not feel hungry as they contain vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that the body needs.

Therefore, in relation to type 2 diabetes, avoid or reduce the use of refined sugars, refined starches (such as cookies, chips, cakes, breads, etc.) and animal-based saturated fats of meat, dairy and eggs, refined oil and trans- fat. They increase blood sugar levels and blood lipids. Replace some whole grains like oats, quinoa, kasha and cous cous. Some recommend a gluten free diet. Substitute a limited amount of plant-based fats and oils for animal and trans-fat (including extra virgin coconut oil and olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds).

Weight loss is important for you to be obese or overweight. Plant-based foods, especially fresh vegetables, fruits, and a limited amount of organic cereals, nuts and seeds, are essential for weight loss along with daily exercise. To curb your appetite, drink hot tea or water and water with lime or a piece of fruit before eating to curb your appetite.

Avoid or reduce the intake of saturated animal-based fats (fats found in milk and meat) and trans-fat. They increase blood sugar levels. Good fats include plant-based fats (i.e. fish oils, extra oils and coconut oils, hemp oils, seeds, nuts and avocados. Organic is best because it doesn't have a lot of chemicals / pesticides in it, not inorganic (non-organic) GMO) vegetables, fruits and fruits are better than processed foods.Your diet should be especially unsaturated organic vegetables. If you want to eat fruit, limit the amount of fruit and eat blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries) are better than other fruits associated with blood sugar.

Eat vegetables to maximize nutrients (I. e., In salads and fresh juices). Light cooking and steaming vegetables are fine. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale along with beets, broccoli, shoots and mushrooms are a great place to start. Try super foods like chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass and garlic for nutrients. They can be taken as supplements.

If you want sweeteners, avoid refined sugars. Use whole sweeteners such as honey, stevia or maple syrup instead.

For type 2 diabetes, it is important to take natural supplements. These supplements include healthy doses of vitamins, b-complexes, c, d3, e, k1 and k2 which are good in full spectrum trace mineral supplementation.

Also, take good doses with q 10 or ubiquinol, grape seed extract and fish / flaxseed oil / olive oil soup (omega 3, 6 and 9) and omega 7 supplement and turmeric or curcumin and coconut oil. These supplements together with vitamins and minerals counteract oxidation and inflammation at the cellular level. Type 2 diabetes involves oxidation and cellular inflammation, so it must be combated with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation. Eat prebiotic foods like garlic and onions, take probiotic supplements and eat refined foods. This will help improve digestion and metabolism.

Other natural supplements recommended for type 2 diabetes include astragalus, resveratrol, dhea, sylvestre gymnema, alpha lipoic acid, 5 hp, chromium, chromium picolinate, olive leaf extract, fenugreek, cinammon, bitter melon, okra, inositol,, vanadium / vanadyl sulfate, berberine, bilberry, aloe vera, fenugreek and banab leaf extract, turmeric / curcumin supplement, and magnesium. Detoxify the body with chorella and spirulina, fresh parsley and coriander, fresh lemon and water, grapefruit and grapefruit extract, ape vinegar and hydrogen peroxide grade food diluted with water. Take milk thistle and dandelion root for liver and kidney cleansing and newborn iodine, selenium and guggelgum for thyroid cleansing. Also, holistic research has shown the benefits of N-acetly cysteine ​​(NAC) to help increase cellular glutathione to fight disease.

To control blood sugar, take cinnamon and cinnamon supplement, black sesame seed supplement, bitter melon and bitter melon supplement, fenugreek, holy basil and neem. Ginger, green tea and green tea supplements help improve metabolism to better burn blood sugar. HCA, CLA, cambria garcia, chromium picolinate and green coffee extract also help improve metabolism. reduce body fat and reduce blood sugar. They should all be used in conjunction with diet and organic based exercises.

Also to control blood sugar, make bitter melon-okra juice and drink it at least twice daily. Boil water and pour into a pot filled with fresh bitter melon and some fresh okra pieces. Let the juice cool for 24 hours before drinking it. Pour the juice into the glass and drink.

Also, every day take some cinnamon, fresh ginger and garlic. This natural substance will help normalize blood pressure and blood sugar and also help fight oxidation and inflammation at the cellular level.

Holistic research shows the benefits of ozone / oxygen therapy combined with other holistic techniques. Type 2 diabetes also causes poor circulation. Take co-q 10 / ubiquinol, lycopene, lutein. cayenne pepper, niacin, gingko biloba and fish oil, krill oil, hemp oil and / or hemp oil to improve circulation. Also, beets and tomatoes are good for distribution.

Do not contaminate your body with distilled water (include fresh lemon in your water), milk thistle supplements, green tea, dandelion, cilantro, apple cider vinegar and water and high nutrient diets, vitamins and minerals as well as herbal supplements discussed at above. This will help clear the heart and body. A liver works well to filter out toxins. Get massage and reflexology and energy cleansing and healing (Reiki / energy healing) to clean and heal your body and to get your energy flowing better.

Exercise is important. Do cardio exercises daily and lift weights. This will help reduce blood sugar and increase metabolism. At least, run fast for a few miles a day (ideally with the weight in your hands) and lift weights to build muscle. Muscles help improve metabolism and the ability to burn blood sugar.

Stress reduction is very important. Stress keeps your blood sugar high. Pressure releases cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream and this is very damaging to the general health. It causes blood sugar to rise and stay in the bloodstream for a long time.

Natural supplements that help reduce stress and soothe the body include valerian root, b12 vitamins, sacred basil, hawthorn, bitter bitter, neem, magnesium, dark chocolate / cocoa, kava kava and chamomile.

Exercise, stretching and yoga are essential for reducing stress and gaining energy to flow through the body to help heal it. Daily meditation and deep breathing exercises are also important for relieving stress. Get into nature and visualize the beautiful scenery of nature in your meditation. In meditation, focus on the color of blue or the color of large bodies of water or flowing water. Listen to relaxing music. All of this helps reduce stress. Fresh cuts and fragrances and classical music and harmony help reduce stress. Turn off the news and turn on this type of music. It also helps relieve the pressure to display one or more water in your home.

Essential oils help reduce stress. These include floral and floral oils and lavender and vanilla. You can get a bottle of this oil and smell it to help relieve stress. Take a hot salt bath with lavender in it. It helps relieve stress. Works with healing crystals. Crystals that help promote inner peace and tranquility including fluorite light and angels. Crystals that help promote health include oranges and green aventurine. Crystals that help reduce blood sugar include stones. In addition, gold will help balance your energy. Hold this crystal and gold in your hand as you meditate and carry it in your pocket.

To reduce stress, it is important to reduce the pressure factor. Reduce conflict and drama in your life and negative and impulsive reactions to the situation. Avoid and / or build strong boundaries with negative and toxic people. It is important to avoid stressful environments and situations. Your focus should be on maintaining your health, energy and inner peace during healing. Pressure and negativity damage good health.

Most of the stress comes from our thoughts and emotions. To reduce stress in our lives, we must control our assets to our thoughts and emotions and choose happiness and inner peace. It requires us to let go of painful and negative events and to hurt and stop ourselves from thinking. We must be aware of our thoughts and emotions and then move them from negative to positive as soon as possible. Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, actions and speech. Negative and rigid beliefs lead to negative thoughts and negative inner voices. Therefore, we need to get rid of negative and rigid beliefs, open our minds and change our beliefs from negative to positive.

Many strong and negative beliefs are held at the subconscious / cellular level. They are adopted as part of our response to trauma and life experiences. Therefore, we must change our subconscious beliefs from negative to positive and open our minds and pour out our firm conviction to change our inner thoughts and voices from negative to positive. It improves our mental and emotional state and our energy and reduces stress. Subtle and conscious beliefs can be transformed from negative beliefs to positive beliefs through positive affirmation exercises

Reiki and energy healing, along with emotional release and massage techniques are also important for reducing stress and negativity. They, along with meditation and deep breathing techniques, will help get the mind and body to rest. When you are calm, positive and happy, energy flows through you more freely. This is the best medicine of all.

Take time daily to reduce stress and relax. Sit back and do breathing exercises in the heart and meditate and pray from the heart, even for just a few minutes.

Beware of your thoughts, actions, speech and reactions. If they get negative, go back to peace, balance and happiness as soon as possible. Eliminate fear, anxiety, guilt, resentment, regret, shame and anger as soon as possible. Don't break the negative. This is pressure. Don't hold back. Instead, through visualization, meditation, deep breathing and prayer, release the negative attitude and pressure and let it go.

In order to reduce stress significantly, it is important to live a conscious and caring life, focusing on peace, balance, happiness and inner love and living in the moment with attention and awareness. You need to cut off the attachments and avoid or adjust the interdependent relationships as they force constant negative thoughts into stress.

Most of the time the heart becomes centered and present. Try to experience this moment in your heart and through your senses rather than through your thoughts. Uncontrolled and uncontrolled thoughts tend to be negative. You can control your mind from the center of your forehead and the application of your will. Good posture helps foster focused and controlled thinking. Negative thoughts and negative inner voices tend to come from the back and sides of the head and are not focused or controlled.

When thinking, put yourself in the middle of your forehead. This way, you can develop controlled and focused thoughts. Try to focus these thoughts on positive and productive activities to reduce stress. Focus on achieving and maintaining inner peace, balance and happiness. When something happens to defeat you, quickly return to a state of inner peace, balance and happiness.

A lot of pressure comes when we judge others or try to control them. This often leads to conflict and pressure along with constant negative thoughts and negative inner voices. Beware of this thought, stop it and let go. Understand that you cannot change or control others. So accept them. If they cause stress, avoid them and / or build boundaries with them. If they drain your energy, avoid them and stop thinking about them.

Here are some exercises to clean and heal your body:

Cut the power cord

Ego splits energy attachments to people, things, materials and beliefs to fill the void. This attachment of energy leads to imbalance of mind, obsession, rumination, lust and addiction. When we build white light inside and connect and integrate it with ourselves and the higher children, the void will disappear and we will not play this power cord very well. To reduce complexity and obsession and create balance, it is important to reduce energy wires. The power cord should be cut off with anyone or anything you think and keep in mind your negative thoughts or thoughts. This will help you achieve positive thinking and maintain inner peace, happiness and balance. So, to cut off the power cord, do the following: Sit down and close your eyes. Visualize the energy ropes that attach you to people, things, materials, ideas and beliefs that cause unbalanced or obsessive thoughts and addictions. Visualize them as ropes connected to your heart and trunk. With a weak hand you visualize that you are grabbing a rope. Then with a strong hand you visualize that you are cutting it and separating it from you with the knife or scissors depicted. Explain that the power cord is down.

Chakra cleansing, healing, balancing and balancing

Close your eyes and sit comfortably or lie down. Focus on each of the seven major chakra points, one at a time and explain that you bathe in white light. Then visualize each color of the chakra one by one with your eyes closed. YouTube has good chakra cleansing, healing, balancing and alignment videos.

The Violet Flame

Sit comfortably close your eyes and focus on your breath. Get relaxed. Hold your hands open in a position of acceptance from the Universe. Describe a purple fire in front of you, like a campfire. Invite fire into your body and feel it fill your body from your stomach to your throat. It raises your vibrations as it burns the negative energy of low vibrations within you. Put citrine (high vibration crystals) on your heart or hold it in your left hand when you do this exercise.

Higher meditation / visualization of children

These exercises will help build your inner strength, self-confidence, self-esteem and happiness. This is done by connecting and integrating your higher self (I. e., Your soul) and inner child. Your higher self / soul is all loving, happy, holy and peaceful. Your inner child is full of happiness, magic, energy and fun. When we are fully connected and united with ourselves and our higher children, we feel happy, secure, complete and confident. We have high self-esteem, a lot of energy and we enjoy life. In meditation depicts a pure white angel who looks just like you (but is happy, peaceful and loving and white light). See the energy cord connecting you to the angel from your heart. Visualize the angel (your higher self) now joining you. Imagine yourself as a kid playing and having fun. See the energy cord that connects you to the child from your heart. Visualize the child (your inner child) now joining you. Describe that you hug the child and tell him that he is safe and just having fun. Take a pillow and picture your pillow as a kid and hug it. Tell the child you care about. Now, be a loving parent to our inner child. Take care of your inner child every day by letting yourself have fun and doing the things that make you happy.

Meditate / visualize to eliminate negatives

Here's an exercise to get rid of anger, fear, anxiety and painful and negative memories: Memorize images of painful past events or images that worry you about the future. Close your eyes and visualize this image in a glass ball moving a few feet in front of you. Put your hand on this visual ball and push it firmly into the ground. Hear and feel the energy rope that attaches you to the locked and falling image. Do this over and over again until the image no longer has a powerful grip on you and all the anger and fear associated with it. When you push the ball deep into the ground, tell the following to yourself: "To the ground, to the core to go, to melt, to go." In deep meditation, look for positive scenes that make you happy. Focus on scenes from nature and celebration.


Spiritual prayer from the heart is essential to connecting us to the higher power of the life of God and ourselves and to raising our heart and soul to our ego. Pray to the Divine from your heart daily. Give praise and thanks to the Divine, ask forgiveness, and seek protection and blessing. Read in your heart a strong prayer of your faith. With your eyes closed, offer all the negatives and sins to the Divine and ask the Divine to lift them all away from you. Describe that you offer this negative bundle with your eyes closed and feel it lift from you.


Opening is important to do to fully focus your mind and be present. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Please remove your shoes. Visualize the root or laser beam shooting out of the foot and into the ground, going to the center of the earth. Imagine that they tied you firmly to the earth. Explain that you draw the energy of the earth through your feet and your body.


Center yourself between your heart and your forehead and stand or sit upright. Posture is important. Negative thoughts and negative inner voices come when we are not focused and bow down. Visualize the big white sun where your heart is. Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart and shift your consciousness and energy to that place. Alternatively, picture the white ball above your head and the bottom of your foot and visualize the white light emitting from the ball and the light rays meeting in the center of your body. When it comes to centering on your forehead, place your finger on your forehead and shift your energy and awareness there. Center and focus. To strengthen your ability to focus and focus, perform the instructions or mediation of the seed described above. Negative thoughts and negative inner voices come from the sides and back of the head. Therefore, centralizing your energy and awareness in the middle of your forehead is important for maintaining negative thoughts and negative inner voices. Beware of negative thoughts and negative inner voices. When they come, turn to positive thoughts and images, positive affirmations, deep breathing exercises, focus on yourself and stay focused on the moment. Live in the moment and your senses and not your thoughts. Thoughts tend to always be negative when we live in them. Stop being angry about your painful past or worry about your future in particular. Just be.

Visualization of energy and power

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Hold your hands together. Visualize and energy from the ground appear on your feet, raise your feet and gather as the mass of energy melts in your solar plexus. Hold that energy over there. Instead, visualize the bright sunlight in the center of your solar plexus or the white light ball in front of you that shoots white light inside you. Describe this white light accumulating as the mass of energy dissipated in your solar plexus. Hold the energy in your solar plexus for a while. Pay attention to yellow for energy and power and orange for happiness.

Visualize bright white sun. Imagine that you fly in the middle of the sun and then you are surrounded by sunlight. Now, wait a moment and feel your vibrations rise as you are surrounded and filled with bright white light.

The above is not intended to be medical advice. It is information based on holistic health research. It is a holistic approach intended to be used in combination with conventional medicine. Consult your doctor for medical advice.


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