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Hidradenitis Suppurativa - My Treatment and Cure

Hi everyone, I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa and my Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is classified as level 3. Level 3 is the worst case of HS one can have. The frustration of my HS kept me from doing anything normal and ruining my social life. I'm embarrassed to come out publicly. No matter how much I take a bath or how much deodorant or cologne I use, I have an extreme body odor. People avoid me and can't stand around me. I can't stand around me.

I have tried various methods that I have found in searching the internet and from various doctors. Most, in my view and experience, have no effect on this level of HS. I've been through different surgeries and radiation as well, nothing helps me.

After so many ways, I found what works for me and at the moment, I'm HS free.

The following is a list of Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatments I have tried personally, along with their results.


One of the first Hidradenitis Suppurativa drugs I had to undergo surgery was to remove the cyst / abscess. This left me with a terrible scar and no other effect on my Hidradenitis Suppurativa. About 3 weeks after the surgery, they returned. Never again will I have this kind of surgery.

Designated Doctor:

Tetracycline - No side effects. Prescription doctors try this as it is known for acne treatment.

Vibramycin - No effect. Again, this is known for Acne treatment, and is also known for its use in sexually transmitted diseases.

Clindamycin - No side effects. I'm not sure of the usual use of this medicine.

Dapsone - No effect. It is commonly known as the use of dermatitis.

Dynacin - No effect. Acne use.

Prednisone - Helps reduce the size of the blisters and reduce some swelling. There was no great impression that made her spend the rest of my life. (They do not recommend for long-term use.)

Around the Web:

Zinc - Reduces swelling and areas look a little better.

Vitamin C - Seems to help control it better but still doesn't cure HS completely.

Turmeric with Burdock Root Powder - Another helpful but not enough to stop my HS altogether.

Emu Oil - That oil seems to be getting worse for me. The boils are bigger and they are slipping worse than they used to be. I've been told that other people have good luck with it. I definitely don't.

Aloe - One website I read is said to drink it. Another site said to scrub fresh Aloe in the affected area. I tried both. Nothing worked at all. Drinking it made for many trips to the bathroom.

Black Seed Seeds - This seems to slow down the boils but is inconsistent.

Other Methods I Try:

Anti-Bacteria Soap - No good effects other than helping with hygiene and odor problems.

Alcoholic Scrub - Burns if boils open. No help with getting rid of HS at all.

Tea Tree Tea - Another forum recommendation. No effect on my HS.

Apple Cider Vinegar / Baking Soda - Try it because other people have good luck with it. I personally have no change.

Misc - Other vitamins and supplements. Natural therapy. There were no significant changes or differences.

Currently, for the treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa works:

My Diet - Even though I am not overweight, I am still in a good diet and can lose about 30-40 pounds.

T Cell Therapy - This method starts with a Gluten Free diet. Once you have been on the diet for 14 days (to keep you Gluten-Free), you start taking the courses they offer. That consists of a capsule. The result is not over night but I can see it in a few days.

The conclusion: I am now completely Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I haven't had any incidents or delays in the last 7 1/2 months. I wouldn't imagine my life free of HS. Although I believe HS makes me better, more grateful overall, I'm happier with my life. I have a shy friend around me. People do not avoid me because of body odor caused by leaky cysts / boils.

I wish this great success to anyone who read this, tried it, and it worked. Always remember, you are not alone. The more people are aware of the disease, the more research can be done. I hope to one day have a more stable treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa.


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