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Healthy Aging - Is There Such a Thing?

As I turned forty, I started thinking about maintaining good health as I got older. Are you as old as you think? I believe it's never too late to start feeling younger than you. Is the new buzz word Healthy Aging for real? Although aging is inevitable, you can survive well and maintain good health.

When asked the Americans had agreed that their main concern in the aging process was

memory loss and physical changes

Aging is strongly influenced by the environment and lifestyle. Nutrition also plays a key role in determining our health and how we age. Our true age comes from within, and from this source we draw on our longevity, the light in our eyes and skin, and the way we approach life. Aging is usually preceded by poor digestion and absorption, toxic formation, poor nutrition and inadequate nutrient supplementation. Supplements and foods high in nutrients such as multivitamins, vitamin B including folic acid, antioxidants including vitamins C and vitamin E, calcium and vitamin D, and essential fatty acids have the potential to improve health and delay the onset of many aging-related awareness.

Loss of memory can be caused by many factors such as depression, nutrition, drug abuse, and so on. Keeping your mind active by participating in new activities, hobbies and workouts are anti-depressants in itself and more importantly will prolong the process of normal memory loss.

Here are some tips that will help you live a healthy life. Travel, see the world and expand your mind, discover new things and experience new cultures. Watch TV shows, play video games with your kids, make your mind sharp. Keeping your joy, laughing hard, laughing often, a good sense of humor is important. This holiday season, give the biggest gift, yourself - Volunteers, be generous with the most important things you have your time with. And most importantly, make sure that faith - confidence in a higher power is important. And remember, good health bonuses are youthful appearance and strong mind and body.


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