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Getting Started With Jogging and Jogging Tips

Does jogging help burn calories?

Jogging is a type of running exercise that stimulates growth, calorie burn and cardiovascular fitness with increased knee and ankle contact. An interesting statistic says that jogging at a speed of 5 miles per hour can burn about 15 percent of your body's calories.

Advantages of Jogging

Jogging can burn more calories than walking because when you run, you can consume more oxygen per mile than walking. Blood circulation can improve as well as heart rate. Jogging can help you relax your muscles; this may be the best exercise for overweight. Because of its greater impact than running, it can burn calories coming from the hips, thighs and even excess belly fat. Turning on your upper body as you walk can give you longer steps to increase your waist muscles.

Some briefing on jogging gear

Jogging shoes are one of the most important for your jogging because jogging shoes absorb the shock of impact that can control the risk of injury. Running shoes should consist of good footing to protect the feet, especially to protect the uncle from sprains. Do not wear thin shoes and thin socks to keep your feet from blisters and injuries.

When buying your jogging goods, try consulting with your partner and choose to buy the famous ones. It may cost a lot but it has been proven that you can benefit from it in the long run.

Proven jogging tips

  • Consult your doctor if you are overweight before starting your jogging activities.

  • Do not smoke, smoking is harmful to cardiovascular fitness activities. Smokers can easily get tired which will lead you to pounding.

  • Get a pair of high quality jogging shoes.

  • Avoid mountainous terrain to avoid injury. Downhill jogging can make you stumble and you can bring yourself to injury.

  • You will be taller and firmer, and take easy steps to prevent ankle injuries.

  • Stay away from junk; try to keep your position upright.

  • Find the perfect place for jogging.

  • Start slowly and develop it when you get used to it, you can accelerate up to 10-12 meters a week.

  • Bring your mp5 with you and listen to music while you jog. Music can help you relax your mind.

Start jogging with:

Start jogging with some stretching. This will help you relax your muscles and help your body get ready for jogging; According to experts, landing your steps with the heel can be a good idea to balance and then proceed to the next step with your toes to push.

Swing with your hand to your arm; Don't wrap her fist. Hold your chest forward; it will make your lungs grow. Never re-check your running speed in the same session, sudden speed changes can affect your beating as well.

Bring cold water with you, satisfy your thirst while jogging. In order to achieve the full benefits of jogging, always end with a 5 to 10 minute tone training at a relaxed pace.


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