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Get Skinny Fast and Easy - How To Guide

How to get skinny fast and easy is always the number one thing they suffer from overweight trying to learn. It can be frustrating, but fortunately Asian women have mastered the art of losing weight fast and staying away with ancient techniques that are easy to learn and practice.

How to Get Fast and Easy

I get a lot of questions from my group, almost every day, and my answers are usually dozens of tips, tricks and simple things I've learned from my family over the years.

For today we're going to talk about just one of those techniques, and it's going to be ... sleep!

Sleep Your Way to Thin Stomach

How crazy is it that we talk about sleep in response to the demand for how to get thinner?

It doesn't seem so crazy after all ...

Scientists have recently determined what Asian women have known for centuries: If you do not get enough sleep, or if you fall asleep often, you will NEVER lose weight even if you eat rice cakes and spend time on the treadmill . Duration.

One of the main reasons Moms cannot return to their weight and their pre-natal form is actually centered around the shortened cycle of sleep we experience as our baby develops during the first year or two of their lives. We get up at night to feed or tend to kids, and we wonder why our workouts the next day aren't showing any progress on the scale.

It turns out that two very important hormones are greatly influenced by the quality and duration of our sleep, and both can affect our appetite the next day.

Leptin and Ghrelin

If you've ever had a night where you almost never rest, just to follow a day where you seem to eat all day and have never been full, then you've experienced what can happen when the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin come out of defeat.

When you do not get enough sleep, these two levels of hormones change, which in turn causes your body to feel more hungry than it should, and less satisfied with the food you eat at each meal the next day.

Obviously this leads to obesity, as well as sensitivity to sugars that affect our blood insulin levels, which is one of the ways we try to diet.

The point is that you must give priority and make a commitment to sleep. It sounds funny to hear this because usually my articles are full of calls for discipline for diet and exercise, but in this case I want you to be disciplined about your sleeping habits!

What is the correct amount? At least six hours, and more likely, eight hours, uninterrupted sleep, to achieve the optimal balance of hormones that will allow for full weight loss.


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