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Get Emotional Support To Lose Weight With Bach Flower Remedies

Summer is here and our clothes are lighter but if we carry extra weight then it can be hard to feel good in summer clothes. If you find that you close or avoid going to the pool, why not let the medication help you lose weight and feel more confident?

Weight loss programs often fail because of the way our minds and emotions sabotage our best intentions. These drugs work to stop the negative thinking process and self-limiting belief and replace it with a positive and liberating state of mind. If emotional eating is a problem for you then Bach Flower Remedies will make all the difference to your weight loss success.

Some medications that help with weight loss are:

Agrimony - if you find yourself comfortable eating and stop thinking about your problems or feelings of discomfort. It removes your inner anxiety and replaces it with inner peace and happiness. You don't need chocolate, cakes or pizzas to make you feel better!

Chestnut Bud - if you're a yo-yo dieter. If you haven't learned from the past and kept repeating the same mistakes (like reaching for the chocolate bar!) Then this is the cure for you. It will help you break down your eating habits and learn from your past experiences.

Centaury - to help you say 'no'. to foods you can't resist or 'good'. friends who offer a piece of cake to go with your coffee! If you don't like hurting people's feelings and eating to please others, Centaury will definitely help you. It will allow you to develop your will and hold on to what you want for yourself. Saying it won't be easy and you'll get a good idea of ​​who you are and what you want for your life.

Cherry Plum - if you have the desire and taste you go crazy without cakes, beer, bread (my personal favorite!) ... or whatever you want. It calms you down, eliminates obsessive thinking and gives you emotional peace.

Apple crab - if you have a poor body image and are obsessed with dietary details. It will cleanse you and help you clean up your toxins and toxic thoughts. You will feel relaxed about yourself and relax about food.

Fiber - If you change easily and become discouraged if you have problems. You may doubt your ability to lose weight or give up if you do not have good weight at all. It gives you the confidence that things will work out, make you feel positive and that you will be able to handle the obstacles that arise.

Holly - if you eat because you are angry, jealous or in pain from the past. Holly will cure your pain and help you to forgive, continue and find love again.

Hornbeam - if motivation is your problem then Hornbeam will help. If so thinkingInstead of trying to lose weight make you feel tired or if you delay and postpone starting a diet or exercising then you need Hornbeam. It will give you energy and motivation.

Impatiens - if you are impatient and eager to reach your target weight. Maybe your weight is not fast enough for you, so you start a different diet or try to find a new one to come, so it doesn't work as fast as you think you should try something else. Impatiens help you be calm, relaxed and patient and allow things to take a natural course.

Larch - if you lack confidence in your ability to lose weight and have low self-esteem. It helps if you think you can't exercise or can't lose weight or if you are afraid that you will fail to achieve your target weight. If you have limited self-confidence, Larch will help you focus on your abilities and go!

Mimulus - if you are anxious about food and are afraid of eating certain foods or have a phobia about food. Mimulus also helps if you're shy and nervous about joining a slimming club. It will give you peace and help you move forward without fear.

Pine - if you feel guilty about food and lose yourself if you eat something you believe is 'wrong' or if you feel guilty for leaving food on your plate or refusing food that someone has prepared for you. Pine helps you ease yourself. It prevents you from evaluating yourself too harshly or feeling that you shouldn't be slim. It frees itself from guilt, inadequacy and self-denial. Pine helps you to accept yourself, to respect yourself and to love yourself.

Rock Water - if you are really firm in your diet and follow a strict regime without any excitement, pleasure or flexibility. It will help you gain some balance and flexibility in your life so you can enjoy life, enjoy food and gain perspective.

Walnut - if you are easily distracted by others and lose your focus. It will help you stay on track and stick to your diet and exercise plan. You won't interfere if people tease you about your diet. It will help you break free from old addictions to food and make it easier to cope with changes in your lifestyle.

Choose the medicine that best suits your taste, diet and exercise. You can mix up to 7 remedies together.

If you need help with your options, you can book a weight loss consultation with Lynne Rourke (BFRP). Lynne is a Registered Practitioner of the Bach Foundation with many years of experience. Alternatively, Lynne will create a custom mix for you from the recovery of your choice. You can learn more about how Lynne can help you by visiting her site.


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