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Four Healthy and Powerful Ways Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight

The ability to fight tea fat is big news today but how can tea only help with weight loss? Here are four powerful ways that can help you burn fat and improve your overall health.

  1. Green tea works with your body naturally to burn calories instead of replenishing it with chemicals. It burns fat by adding thermogenesis process. This is the body's natural source of heat, which acts like a furnace to burn the fat you eat. Of course, the more heat you produce the more calories you burn and best of all, the burning of green tea thermogenesis occurs even when you do nothing.

  2. When we gain weight, we metabolic rate slowly. Your skinny friend can eat donuts and lose an ounce but if your metabolism slows, you can eat one bite and gain one pound. Most weight loss aids speed up your metabolism through the use of stimulants that stimulate your heart muscle. Not only is this unhealthy, some diet pills even cause diabetics to have a heart attack. Although green tea accelerates your fat burning metabolism, studies have shown that it is a healthy heart.

  3. One of the hidden aspects of weight loss is insulin. Our bodies produce insulin to stabilize our glucose levels when we consume too much sugar or high glycemic carbohydrates. The higher your blood sugar levels, the more insulin your body pumps into your system to try to balance it. Unfortunately, insulin will be stored as fat especially in your stomach. Studies show that green tea is a natural blood sugar stabilizer which means the body needs less insulin and less belly fat.

  4. Let's face it, we like fast food and sweet food but this can be very frustrating toxic internal environment. If you experience frequent headaches, fatigue, pollen and skin allergies, bad breath and constipation, you may have toxins. While quick juice can detoxify you quickly, it can also eliminate you that day. Green tea naturally detoxifies the body with absolutely no side effects and you get increased energy benefits and clearer skin as it removes toxins and waste products; leaving you with more power against fat. Increase the power of super acai berry extracts to get even more detoxifying benefits.

What's amazing is that weight loss comes with additional health benefits such as promoting a strong liver, fighting cancer and lowering your risk of diabetes and providing you with powerful anti-aging antioxidants. After all, what is the use of thin if you are also unhealthy and beautiful?


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