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Fasting Weight Loss Program

Fasting techniques have been around for thousands of years, but their purpose is not to lose weight. The root of fasting comes from religious practice. Today, you can find many forms of fasting designed to benefit many types of health, optimize health, or lose weight. Fasting can be a food and / or beverage ban or both for a specified amount of time. The time period can vary from 8-24 hours without food for medical examination, up to 40 days only for water for religious reasons or anything in between. If you are thinking about fasting for weight loss there are a few things you should consider before starting anything fast.

First, it is wise to always consult your doctor before starting a fast, especially if you have medical conditions. Some medical issues related to fasting include, electrolyte imbalance, blood sugar distortion, and low blood pressure, all of which can lead to major medical emergencies. Some minor side effects of fasting include: diarrhea, headache, body aches, flu like symptoms, constipation, rash, anxiety or anxiety, and of course weight loss.

Secondly, if you are fasting, choose a fasting plan that has the added benefit of losing weight. For example, certain diets can be categorized as fast because the purpose is to keep certain foods for health reasons. A good example of this is a program designed to identify food allergies / sensitivities. This is done by having the patient remove the common food allergens from the diet for 2-4 weeks and then reintroducing foods one by one to determine if the individual is reacting to a particular food. The results of this program not only include weight loss, but the removal of allergens from the diet reduces inflammation and other unhealthy side effects. The most common food allergens include: dairy, soybeans, peanuts, corn, eggs and gluten.

Third, ask yourself this question, how can I incorporate some of the fasting into my lifestyle? If you follow these suggestions, you will get long term health benefits as well as losing weight from fasting. For example, some programs require you to eliminate certain drinks from your diet during fasting such as: coffee, soda, alcohol, juice, tea or milk. If you drink something that you know is bad for you like soda or alcohol use it fast as a stepping stone to completely eliminate it from your diet when fasting is done.

Fasting is not a recommended approach to losing weight because of the possible side effects associated with it. However, taking a break from SAD (American Diet Standard) has its benefits, especially if you are consuming, food allergens, sodas and processed foods. If you're focused on fasting for weight loss, consider the Control-It program through The Fitness Doctor. The program is safe, and has many benefits other than weight loss.

Dr Kevin Dobrzynski DN, Doctor of Fitness


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