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Exercises For Love Handles - Get Rid Of Them Once And For All!

The best exercise in controlling love is something I think a lot of clients lose weight at the beginning of their program, often because they've been struggling to get rid of excess fat over the years without success.

Controlling love is a very difficult problem for those who struggle with it, and they can endure for years without progressing in reducing them no matter what diet or exercise routine they are following.

Fortunately there are several ways to eventually discard spare tire, and ways to succeed can be found in the techniques and methods Asian women have used to get their slender butt back quickly even after giving birth.

Exercises To Handle Love - Get rid of them once and for all

One of the best exercises I've used for years with my class to control explosive love comes from the steps I learned as a young girl in Taiwan while doing Tai Chi martial arts.

And while it's impossible to learn all the real secrets that Asian women use to get ultra-thin from a single workout, you CAN get short-term help from this step.

Staring at attention, looking forward as if standing in line waiting for something. Now, raise and straighten your weapon, as if two people are trying to pull you from the left and right ... you want to look like a capital "T" basically.

Once your arms are stretched, bend them to your elbows, with your triceps still parallel to the ground. You will look like a criminal being confronted by a police officer and notified to FREEZE, with your hands in the air in a defensive position.

Now, while still holding your hand in the air, I want you to bring your left knee to your waist, while rotating your body and bringing your right elbow down to touch your left knee.



You don't have to move fast, but I want you to complete 4 sets of 10 repetitions, rotating the arm / elbow combo each time.

Why it works

In this exercise for love control the rotation force you use when rotating your middle to bring your elbows to the opposite knee creating incredible pressure on the fat deposits stored around the love body. This further breaks down the connective tissue that holds the cells together, and allows them to be released back into the bloodstream ... where they are quickly used as energy.

It's a great system, a training exercise for controlling love that works well, but it also has the added benefit of having the front abdominal muscles (abs) as they are brought into play every time you raise your knees.

What If You Still Can't Lose Them?

If this exercise to control love does not work for you, you need to learn more about the great way in which Asian women are forced to push fat from their stomachs and thighs in less than a month ... without starvation or crazy training.


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