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Ephedra Product Debate Rages

People will always find a quick solution for weight loss or just want to use diet pills to help speed up the process.

In addition to some prescription drugs such as phentermine and others, the most popular single diet product is ephedra. Apparently most of the diet pills that people buy still think ephedra is very effective because of their continued interest in ephedra.

People will not continue to look for millions every year during the FDA's ban on ephedra, unless they think it helps them in some way to lose weight. If ephedra products they don't work, they won't be as popular for more than 10 years.

There is absolutely no comparison between weight loss drugs patented by the pharmaceutical industry and natural herbs that cost less than half the price of a prescription. In addition to the fact that in many studies, qualified scientists have proven that ephedra only causes weight loss, if not more than prescription weight loss pills.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders (18 (2): 99-103,1994) shows a combination of ephedrine and caffeine to overcome dexfenfluramine in the treatment of obesity.

Very curious is the fact that the active ingredient in the ephedra responsible for weight loss is called ephedrine. But ephedrine is available in many over the counter medications. They are commonly used by millions of people to relieve allergic symptoms such as asthma.

Ephedrine is available to anyone at your local grocery store or neighborhood drug store.

Now, if chemical ephedrine is considered to be very dangerous while in the form of herbs contained in ephedra, then why is it allowed to be sold in the same concentration in medicines? Why is it suddenly accepted and less dangerous?

Somehow the fact that very little death has been associated with ephedra over the years has blown many out of proportion. Millions of people use it regularly, lose weight and have no health problems.

People who don't like how they feel when taking ephedra products just stop using it. Problem solved.

Companies are being sued for ephedra, some have gone bankrupt and the FDA is approaching the banned ephedra product a second time.

Yes, the debate still damages their ephedra products, their effectiveness and their safety, but ask millions of people who can't lose weight until they start taking ephedra. Ask them if they would rather be obese or take controversial ingredients in which they personally do not experience a bad reaction.


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