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Ephedra Ban

The true validity of the ephedra weight loss product has diminished, leading to consumers' desire to obtain ephedra diet pills to become marketers. Some marketers say consumer ephedra products are illegal and then reject other "ephedra" products with the promise of "such as ephedra-based diet pills".

The reason for the confusion came in 2004 when the FDA declared ephedra used in products for weight loss, energy, etc. to be considered falsified, dangerous to the public and illegal to sell.

In early 2005 a company called Nutraceutical Corporation challenged the legitimacy of the ban and Utah judges ruled in favor of the Nutraceutical Corporation. Legal challenges related to the fact that the FDA does not indicate that products with 10 mg or less ephedra alkaloids are harmful. (Most ephedra products before ephedra ban use 20-25 mg of ephedra alkaloids.)

Thus, in 2005 and 2006 companies jumped on band cars and began selling popular weight loss products with 10 mg ephedra. But at the moment the FDA's official line is a dangerous and illegal product of ephedra.

In fact, the FDA uses U.S. marshalls to attack several companies and attack many weight loss products containing ephedra.

Then in August 2006 a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals 10th maintains the FDA's ban on all ephedra products. Ephedra marketing in the U.S. is considered illegal and subject to disciplinary action by the FDA.

But wait! We're not done yet.

The same company, Nutraceutical Corporation, in October 2006 issued another challenge and filed a petition for rehearing in the 10th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals saying the FDA's assessment of "unreasonable risk" was too lenient and gave the agency a license to declare everywhere forged dietary ingredients.

To date, ephedra weight loss pills are considered illegal by the U.S. government.

That may change but it seems unlikely given the fact that Congress is rewriting the law. The new law will make it easier for the FDA to take action and ban the material that it considers harmful to the public.

Millions of people use ephedra to help them lose weight for years while in the market.

The reason many people continue to use it over and over is because they think it is effective in helping them lose weight.

If it doesn't show results, it will disappear from the market. But millions of people continue to look for it even though it is illegal and they are still searching for it today.


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