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Easy Ab Exercises - 5 Things You Must Know About Six Pack Abs

Are you disappointed with your current abs program? Read this article to find out what ab exercises really do.

Ab crunches on the floor do not work. My friends always ask me what actually works if doing hundreds of crunches a day doesn't work. I always tell them the same thing.

You have to get variety. Your workouts should have exercises that actually target your abs and those types of exercises that actually burn your belly fat.

Some effective ab exercises include reverse crunches, hanging knees, and boards. The good thing about upside down crunches and knee extension is that they really hit the lower abdomen which seems hard to get to.

To perform a knee-lift that raises the sole of the pull bar handle. Keep your body straight. Then without swinging your knees up to touch your chest then lower it again. This will be difficult at first if you are not used to hanging for the bar.

The board is a strong ab builder who is often underestimated. They are very easy to do and great for beginners. To do this they get into a push up position not just resting your hands resting on your lower arm. So your body just needs to rest on your toes and the bottom of your arm. Hold the position one minute at a time.

There are many effective ab exercises but keep in mind that they are not the best exercises for burning belly fat. They work your abs well but don't burn much belly fat. Compound training is good for that. I hope this simple exercise helps you.


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