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Diabetics, Reduce Your Insulin Dependency

Are you tired of worrying about your sugar levels; worry about the food you eat; how much alcohol can you drink? What if there were ways to reduce your body's dependence on insulin? Is there a way to get rid of diabetes altogether? Medical research has uncovered some of the latest methods you need to hear. You will be excited to know that some of them might change your life.

Let's start with the most common thing, your food. Most diabetics are aware of this information, but in the event that you do not, you must follow this diet all the time you are diagnosed with diabetes. You may have heard that you should switch to eating high in protein and fiber and avoiding high in carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates that are common in your pasta and white bread. This does not mean that you can no longer have pasta or white bread, it just means you have to look a little harder and find a label that has a "100% Whole Grain" label on them. Yes there is a small difference in taste but it is better to not enjoy the food at all. It also includes all forms of sugar; yes, it's sweet and low, and of course sugar should be 100% cut off from your diet. It is also recommended that you avoid fruit juices. Even the only sugars recommended for diabetics whether you have type 1 or 2 are fresh fruit.

There are several other important elements that should be included in your diet. Certain fatty acids are also very important. Most nuts contain essential oils; Olive oil is another excellent fatty acid; we find that the most beneficial tend to be sunflower oil, although it is a bit difficult to find in stores. Another important element to include is the chromium, vitamin C, and vitamin B. complex. While these are the most important rules to follow for diabetes patients and most of you are already living with this rule, they are required to follow at least up to the diagnosis of diabetes you are released.

Yes, you read that right. You may have heard that diabetes is a lifelong disease; New science has found that maybe diabetes can be cured or at least reduced to the point where you can almost forget that it exists.

The most prominent studies revolve around a relatively new hormone called human growth hormone or hgh. You may have recently heard hgh mentioned in the news because athletes use it to improve their performance; taking the time to explain the effects of the overdose used by these athletes requires their own research paper. Suffice it to say that excessive doses of these athletes can produce some serious side effects. This is not an indication of the majority of people who use a regular dose of a doctor, or a natural alternative known as a hgh stimulator. These people have found ways to slow down or in some cases even reverse the natural process of aging.

For people with diabetes, hgh is a real candidate not to treat but to cure it at all. Tell me one thing here. Those who take higher doses than they are prescribed may actually worsen their diabetes status. In fact, some athletes who take three times the recommended dose actually develop diabetes that did not exist before; these are of course some serious side effects, such as body alterations and so on. However, a study conducted by Zenobi, Renato, PD at the University of Zurich found that with the right dose, diabetes was reduced in everything in this study and some conditions were completely lost. Their theory is that if patients continue to take hgh eventually they will all have diabetes. New emerging studies continue to support this finding as did John Hopkin's Institute. With all this said, if you choose to try to lower your diabetes with hgh, your best bet is to use a natural hgh pill. If you choose to use hgh spray or injection, make sure your doctor is involved in the process and that all recommended doses are followed. You need to be closely monitored to ensure the right dose for your body.

Bilberry is another very effective treatment for reducing symptoms of diabetes. There are no cases where diabetes is completely cured, but some people experience their symptoms reduced to such a level that they claim they do not need to check their blood sugar again. This is not recommended for those with the disease, but they feel comfortable enough to do so. There is a lot of research on the subject of bilberry. You can start by looking at the bilberry studies done by Zafra-Stone S, Yasmin T, Bagchi M, Chatterjee A, Vinson JA, Bagchi D in Research in Molecular Nutrition & Food.

Finally I will mention some herbs that have shown some early positive effects to reduce your diabetes symptoms, or more precisely, reduce your insulin dependence. The fig tree has shown some benefits to people suffering from diabetes, but there has not been a double placebo study of the effects of fig leaves on your health making figs leave speculative medicine. The same thing goes with cactus juice where there is ample claim that it actually has potential benefits for diabetics but no double placebo studies have been done to confirm the claim. Finally I will mention basil leaves and they are common because they could not find a study on basil leaves and their effects on diabetes, leaving only speculative claims.

You now have enough information to reduce your dependence on insulin. There may be times when hgh research is finally coming out with products that will completely cure diabetes but for now you can only hope. We want to warn you that before you add any rules you first consult with your doctor and that any recommendations you follow are carefully monitored.


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