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DHA During Pregnancy - DHA is Important For You and Your Baby

The use of DHA during pregnancy is a hot topic at the moment. The health benefits of omega 3 have been praised, some say to the point of exaggeration. But there is no doubt that we all need to include it in our diet regularly.

It's hard to know what to do. On the one hand, we are told that we should get enough omega 3s from our normal diet. On the other hand, we need to increase omega 3 and reduce omega 6 food bearing. Who should we hear? If only the specialist would reach an agreement.

Many doctors now emphasize the importance of omega 3 in general and DHA especially in pregnancy. Third trimester is important especially in terms of healthy fetal development. It can also be a good thing for a mother over the usual health benefits.

DHA is essential for the development of maintenance of the nervous and brain systems. It represents the highest proportion of adult brain mass. The use of DHA in late pregnancy has been shown to be associated with early cognitive development.

It can also result in higher birth weight, giving your baby the best possible outcome. For mom, it has implications for your experience of pregnancy and birth. Some studies have linked low levels of DHA in the brain to depression. There is a risk of postpartum depression.

Not all of the claims about the health benefits of omega 3 have been carefully tested and scientifically proven. But it's clear that they are an essential component of our diet. You should consult your physician about the best way to include it in your diet during pregnancy. More research needs to be done to substantiate some claims about omega 3.

But it is clear that we are too hot to regulate our consumption of food or that there are not too many of us who are overweight. Add-ons are an easy and easy way to provide some things that we may lack. Omega 3 / DHA supplements are a part of my daily routine and I consider them important.


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