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Dealing With Penile Atrophy: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Penis atrophy, two words no one wants to hear together. Unfortunately, it does. Not sure what your penis atrophy is? Also known as penile contraction, it is a decrease in the length and / or circumference of the penis caused by loss of penis mass. This condition can be temporary, or in worse cases, tissue loss may be permanent. In any case, there are several ways to reverse it (in the case of temporary atrophy) or to compensate. Let's up-to-date on what can cause penile shrinkage, as well as potential treatments and how to protect against it.

Causes of Atrophy of Aging

There are several different causes of penile atrophy. Here are some of the most common:

1) More candles on Birthday Cake. As a man, his penis may be the victim of many minor sports or sex-related injuries resulting in scar tissue accumulation. This can affect spongy erectile tissue, which eventually leads to penile contraction.

2) Putting lbs. Weight gain, especially around the stomach, can make your penis look smaller. This is because the penis is attached to the abdominal wall, and as the stomach expands, it pulls the penis in, making it smaller.

3) Peyronie's Disease. This is where fibrous scar tissue develops in the penis, causing it to bend during erection. This can be very painful for men. Peyronie can cause a reduction in both the length and circumference of the penis.

4) Medicines. Some medicines can cause penile contraction. They include but are not limited to drugs such as Adderall, some antipsychotics and antidepressants, and some drugs that are prescribed to treat enlarged prostate.

5) Smoking. Smoking hurts the blood vessels in the body, including the penis. This can prevent the penis from pumping blood for erection, leading to a smaller appearance. Smoking also causes overall tissue loss, and men who cannot kick their habit may find that, over time, their penis length may decrease by one inch or more.

Penile Atrophy Treatment

Regardless of the cause of penile atrophy, there are treatments that can help. Here are some treatments and tips for reversing or reducing the effects of penis.

1) Lose Weight. Gain a healthy weight with proper diet, regular exercise, and optimal sleep.

2) Quit smoking. Men who quit smoking should stop (for many reasons), but especially to help their members! Find a program, get a patch, or get out of the cold turkey to get blood flowing!

3) Men's Enhancers. Pop a blue pill to boost blood flow and gain a stronger and stronger stance. Heart patients need to be careful when using medicines such as Viagra or Cialis. Always consult your doctor for the script to confirm it is a safe choice and will not interfere with other medications.

4) Surgery. For men with scar tissue or Peyronie's Disease, there are options for surgery and ultrasound technology to remove scar tissue. Although shrinkage is permanent in this case, it can improve feelings and performance.

Prevents Penis Atrophy

Although age is inevitable, there are several ways to prevent penile atrophy. Maintain a healthy weight and avoid smoking. Also, make sure you have regular erections to run the penis and make sure the blood vessels are fit and ready for action. See your doctor regularly and don't be shy about discussing any new penis problems.

Keep your penis clean and moist. After cleansing the skin with a light cleanser, rinse, and gentle drying, use a specially formulated penis health penis (Health experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and light for the skin) on the penis. These creams contain nutrients and minerals that are important for the penis not only to keep skin soft but also strong and important.


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