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Cool Lipo Laser - Assisted Liposuction Reveals Men's 6-Pack Abs by Removing Fat, Tightening Skin

If a man had been working to get a six-pack abs, his muscle definition would not show if he was hidden behind a layer of fat under the skin known as medical subcutaneous fat. New Cool Lipo goes well beyond traditional liposuction, using laser technology to tighten the skin after excess fat is diluted and removed. This skin tightening effect is what brings out six packs of human packs.

Statistics released by the American Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) show that liposuction is the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States - and the number one procedure for men. In 2008, 341,144 liposuction procedures were performed on American men and women.

If the patient has advanced muscle, the idea is to get as much fat as possible to get as little fat as possible between the skin and tonic muscles.

Laser assisted liposuction, in conjunction with the so-called liposuction technique etc. abdomen , helps release six-pack abs.

How does abdominal etching work?

Prior to liposuction surgery, the plastic surgeon asked the patient to flex his abdominal muscles. The surgeon then paints the patient's skin to mark the space between the muscles. During liposuction surgery, surgeons pay a little extra attention to melting fat in depressed areas.

Cold lime dilutes and absorbs fat, so it slowly heats the skin to tighten collagen — and exposes muscle definition.

Traditional liposuction melts and removes fat, but can sometimes cause sagging skin due to loss of volume. Laser-assisted collagen liposuction effects help avoid loose skin after liposuction surgery.

Laser-assisted liposuction also offers patients easier recovery than traditional liposuction. There is less bruising and swelling after Cool Lipo, so there is less downtime. Patients linger a bit sooner after their surgery.

Women also benefit from Cool Lipo, although most women do not need the definition of abdominal muscles as men. Women want some definition of muscle, but they don't want to look masculine.


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