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Coca Cola in History - A Brief History of the Company

The history of Coca Cola extends back to 1885, when John Pemberton created the original recipe for the new cocawine. She named it Pemberton French Wine, Coca, which is believed to have been inspired by Vin Mariani, a famous cocawine created by Angelo Mariani. Pemberton developed Coca-Cola, a non-coconut version of its original cocawine, when Fulton County passed a prohibition law. Carbonated water was added later by accident when Pemberton mixed a drink with a friend and accidentally inserted it. His friends liked the new taste, so he changed the original formula to include it.

Coca-Cola is said to cure many ailments, including headaches, impotence, and strong morphine addiction. Three versions of Coca-Cola were on the market in 1888, sold by three separate companies. One company, Candler, bought exclusive rights to Coca-Cola formulas from Woolfolk Walker, John Pemberton, and Margaret Dozier to cut competition.

This is the first major break in Coca Cola history. Candler joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1982, and began marketing the product. The drink achieved national icon status for the United States on its 50th anniversary. Coca-Cola bottles were sold in 1894, and cans in 1955. The first bottle was sold in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In 1899, Chattanooga, Tennessee became the first site of the Coca-Cola bottling company.

In Pemberton's original formula, he added five ounces of coca leaf (cocaine) per gallon of syrup. Candler claimed that he changed the formula and only added one tenth. Coca Cola once contained approximately nine milligrams of cocaine per glass. It was not until 1903 that he was removed from the drink altogether, replacing it with coca flavors.

"New Coke" came out in 1985 after Coca-Cola tried to change its original formula. Most consumers prefer the original Coca-Cola flavor, and many stop buying the product until the company returns to its original formula. It has been renamed the Coca Cola Classic to show users that the beverage has returned to its original formula.

By the 21st century, Coca Cola's history has taken another leap in the market. In 2005, the company launched "Diet Coke", harvested with artificial flavors. Then in 2005, it announced "Coca Cola Zero", sweet with aspartam and potassium acesulfame. Since then, the company has produced other products that contain the same Coca-Cola formula as the slightest difference.

Coca Cola is now on sale worldwide, in more than 200 different countries. Coca-Cola companies are currently sponsoring a variety of events, including "Olympic Games", and "NASCAR". In England, it is the main sponsor of the "Football League". It has also been featured on several television shows including "The Gods Must Be Crazy."

Coca Cola's history goes a long way since Pemberton invented the original recipe, and continues to grow rapidly. It is not surprising that it is one of the major soft drinks in the market.


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