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Choosing Excellent Herbal Extracts for Optimal Health

Select a quality Herbal extract is the key to solving health problems affecting the body. A good quality herb extract should have:

o Strength

o Clarity

o Color and Taste


Frequently asked questions are what herbal extracts are and why they contain natural or neutral alcohols. Herbal Extract is a herbal food or food combination, diluted in liquid. The liquid used is:

o Distilled water

o Vinegar

o Wine

o Glycerin (the most common sugars and fats found in animal tissues, however, vegetable sources are available)

o Alcohol neutral

o Grain-neutral fruits.

Herbal extracts are herbal plant foods that have been diluted in soluble liquid and or kept herbs away. Herbal extracts can be used externally or used internally to cure any area of ​​the body in crisis. Good quality extract using distilled water and grain neutral spirit. Grain-neutral spirits are alcohols that are distilled from cereals and are also known as neutral alcohols. This extract is effective in extracting the herb better from its medicinal properties than the other fluids listed above. Other liquids cannot dissolve the entire ingredient, as well as distilled water and wheat-neutral alcohol. Water-neutral alcohol and cereal extracts provide herbal food in the form of "precursors". Keep in mind that when you get full strength from herbal foods, take a little walk. The concept of simplicity is key. The extract is intended to be used to supplement foods with herbal foods in an easily absorbed form.

Foods from nutrient values ​​need to be absorbed and assimilated to allow the body to absorb what is being eaten. Most people are unaware that they may carry around ten pounds of disgusting fragments on the surface of their digestive tract: stomach, small intestine and large intestine. These fragments form a barrier between the food you eat and the absorption of nutrients needed. Not only is this breakthrough not only good for the absorption of commonly consumed foods, but also herbal powder in capsules, herbal pills, and vitamin tablets. Herbal extracts solve this puzzle by using it externally, as well, internally. This extract crosses the barrier quickly and helps dissolve the barrier in the process. This eliminates the problem of taking hundreds of tablets and capsules daily to get something through the garbage can and dissolve it. Depending on the quantity, neutral alcohols perform different functions when introduced into or placed on the body. In minute quantities (drops), it acts as a carrier for the ingredients. Soluble herbs in this type of liquid are very easily absorbed by the body. In larger quantities, the neutral alcohol acts as a stimulant. With alcoholic beverages, alcohol acts as a suppressant of the body's functioning and intoxicating liquor. This is an abuse of use and one can tell the difference.


Some liquid herbal extract products are naturally "cloudy" due to the nature of herbs or herbs dissolved or suspended in them. No matter how long they set, they won't appear clearly. Note: Adjusted or suspended particles make the product what it should. Occasionally, there will be a solution of herbs or herbs that are dissolved or suspended in the fluid around the sides of the bottle or on the pipette (eye-dripping). The explanation for this is that, with some herbs or herbal combinations, their particles float in the extraction fluid during the filtration process and then settle. Temperature and pressure changes can and do not affect this event during and after extraction. Also, keep in mind that good herbs and herbal extracts contain some natural oils, and some drops of this oil may appear on the surface of herbal extracts. Both the particles and the natural oil droplets can be removed, however, the extract will not be as strong. This is part of the guarantee that herbs or herbs can be extracted.


Herbs are of natural origin and just like any two apples from the same tree does not taste the same, so with herbs. This is part of the endless variety of beautiful nature that it provides to you. Therefore, you may notice slight differences in color or taste from year to year. Good quality herbal products should measure up to the standards of quality and excellence known and established by the company before they are approved for use. Make sure you are familiar with the quality standards of the company for which you buy your herbs. By asking this, you can rely on these standards and have what you expect from herbal products when you use them. Remember to use this article as your guide.


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