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Candida Die Off Insomnia - Can Insomnia Be Cured By Anti-Candida Diet?

Someone I know has been diagnosed with allergies to dairy products, wraps, aspartam, sugar, chocolate, and candida albicans. She suffers from IBS, chronic joint pain, weight gain, and chronic candida death from insomnia. He has eliminated many allergies that cause food but has not seen a reduction in symptoms. In addition, she does not follow the anti-Candida diet. What he is asking is: does anyone experience insomnia as a major symptom and experience an increase in diet?

Personally, when my symptoms are at their peak, I have difficulty lying down because of tightness in my chest. I used to be so tired, sleep for a while and then for about half an hour woke up with chest pain, hollow feeling, and a lot of bloating. I would spend most of the night walking up and down. After I first learned the truth, I started drinking the first hot spring and ginger root in the morning as a kind of bleach. I also keep mineral water in my bed at night which helps.

One night when I woke up with the same symptoms, I went downstairs and made myself ginger root in hot water. And it seemed to help me and I got some restless sleep. I also bit a bit of the ginger root. I found it calmed my system. Even if you don't get the same symptoms, it may help. I know even drinking my own water helps and I mean a pint! Now I follow a yeast-free, dairy-free diet. For the most part I no longer get the symptoms and it works fast.

My symptoms come from prescription drugs, synthetic steroid hormones (including "contraceptive pills" and corticosteroids) and antibiotics for many years. I know taking iron pills also helps me, but I think this is more of my painter and not something that applies to everyone with Candidiasis.

However, you must follow the diet after all. Delicate foods of yeast all day and all night, this contributes to insomnia. I noticed an increase in my sleep but I still have it as an issue. I found that Pro-gest helped me to sleep and also took extra minerals along with calcium and magnesium.


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