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Body Detox, 5 Reasons to Clear Out With a Cleanse

Imagine your digestive system is a kitchen waste that can be covered by a liner. Every week, you remove the trash and replace the bag. Now it can clean and smell fresh! Well, what if you stopped changing the bag, and instead just dumped it? Weekly recycling and food residues are built on the sides of the bag. The garbage is gone, but a rotten yuck permanent. No detoxification is possible with a lot of dirt. Your body ends up working over time to clean up the mess, get backlogged and you feel weak. Sound familiar?

We are flooded with toxins, water and food supplies, chemicals in furniture and cleaning products. Our immune system is compromised and we are now at risk for disease. Thankfully, there are many cleansing options out there, such as "The Master Cleanse," a variety of foods and nutriceutical cleanses, fasts and many combinations. It's easy to find detox methods that work for you and give you health benefits. Here are 5 Reasons to Clean with Cleanse.

1. Cleaning Can Help Know the Food Allergies.

Common causes are: soybeans, dairy, eggs, wheat, shellfish, caffeine and peanuts. Systemically eliminating allergenic foods will give you a chance to see an increase in allergy symptoms. Once these symptoms are resolved, the food can then be reintroduced one by one to see if the symptoms reappear. ** Keeping a food diary is highly recommended to keep track of what you eat, when, and how you feel. It's too easy to forget the minutia! **

2. Nature Call!

Whether you feel natural, humans are in tune with the universe. Our biological rhythms are in line with nature; and Spring is a season of renewal and rebirth! Look out the window and see the leaves and flowers, baby birds and new animals? This is a great time to detoxify from all the heavy foods and heating we eat throughout the winter. The main foods to clean the mucus and to detoxify your system are dandelion greens, burdock roots, and shoots. Most roots are available in the spring; natural remedies to cleanse the body from excess heat and waste. By following these signals, we will be cooling down in time for the summer!

3. You May Get A Little Pound!

Although not intended to clean, losing a few pounds is an added benefit. When you have a tight lymphatic system, you tend to see bloating around the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs and also hold belly fat. Getting rid of all the stagnant and toxic fluids will help you feel lighter and more energetic!

4. Keep Moving!

The National Institute of Health estimates between 60-70 million people have indigestion. Cleaning can help keep things moving in the right direction, clearly surprising complications. Although each body is different, go one to three times a day, ideally within an hour, is normal. If you feel your system is off, again not going "number two," now you know what to do.

5. Give Your Body A Break!

Lighten the workload for the body by blocking it hard to digest food for 10-30 days. Free the liver, colon and kidney sweetener, alcohol, animal products and processed foods increase the likelihood of moving the waste! Likewise, if you have excess pressure, your body will cling to free radical waste products that make you toxic. These waste ingredients are stored in our fat tissue (another major reason for losing body fat!) Press the reset button to give your digestive system and adrenals a break!

Our body is a magnificent and independent machine. With the right tools, the body will heal itself. So give yourself a chance to succeed with cleansing that supports two to four times a year. Seasonal cleaning can help you keep track. Choose a week where you have control over your environment, stock your refrigerator, prepare your kitchen, and organize daily activities to support your cleaning. When you follow through on your commitment, your body will thank you!


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